New Darkness DLC Available

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The Darkness DLC

We were surprised to come across new downloadable content for none other than The Darkness. The new DLC can be found under the “New Releases” section of the XBLM under the not so convenient title “Darkness MP Map: DM_Haunt” (uhh, wha?). The content features the multiplayer map DM_Haunt which is set in the streets of New York City, a new death match and team death match game mode as well as the ability to customize your shape shifter, darkling or human character. Read On

Call of Duty 4 Patch May Hit Before Weekend

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Call of Duty 4 Review

According to a blog post by the Infinity Ward Community Manager, Robert Bowling, the feature patch for COD4 didn’t run into any problems in its encounter with the Microsoft certification process. He reports that if we’re all lucky (and if he gets some work done) the new feature update could go live before the weekend. However like an experienced community manager, he add the caveat that things are never set, and that by no means is the patch “guaranteed” to be online before week’s end. Read On

Xbox 360 Instant Messenger Kit

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Messenger Kit

The Messenger kit has been in stores for a couple of months now and I have given it a good run. This kit has been anticipated for release sometime before hand because of the spring 2007 update which added the ability for instant messaging with Microsoft MSN/Windows Live messenger application. Only problem is, using a joystick to type IM messages were far from intuitive or instant. Read On

The Simpsons Game Review

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The Simpsons Game

Since their inception as animated shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show in 1987, the Simpsons has become a six days a week family household name. The Simpsons have appeared on several consoles over the years and have been an overwhelming disappointment each time because of the very anal fan base built around the show. You have to wonder if this new game lives up to the recent hype of the Simpsons movie. Read On