9 – Movie Review

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I’m going to write a quick personal review of the movie 9, which I saw last night on 9-9-09.



Now, I’ll preface this with the fact that I was really looking forward to this movie. Most movies, I go into with a bad attitude and look to be impressed. This was the opposite.

I’ll start off with the visuals. They’re stunning. The visuals are nothing short of amazing, from the whole “Miniature creatures in a big world” feel to picking up the detail of small, inconsequential objects in the background I was astounded by the level of detail put into this movie. Its one of those where you almost forget the fact that the movie is completely CG if you don’t remind yourself midway through. Amazing directiorial work, as well as from the people behind the scenes. Visuals get an “A” for the purpose of this review.

To tie in with that, I’ll actually give my opinion on the sound. Not the music. The sound. I *really* enjoyed the sound effects in 9. I love when movies really accentuate little clicks and metal-on-metal noises, and that happens aplenty in 9. The voice acting was far above what you get in the average CG film, as well. To me, the sound was an “A++” in this movie. It, in part, carried the visuals to the level they were at.

Sadly, I come to the plot. Ah, the plot. With many movies, the plot can carry it past broken visuals or a horrible soundtrack. Not so here. Quite the opposite, in fact. For me, the plot would have buried 9 if not for the other elements mentioned prior. It was akward, poorly explained and not able to be related to at all, to me. If the sound and visuals were a 10+/10, the plot was a 2. At best.

TLDR: People love numbers, so my overall score for this movie would be a 7.5/10.  It has to be seen in theatres, but don’t waste a night on it, or full price. Go to a matinee. To understand how *I* score movies, I consider The Dark Knight and the Lord of the Rings trilogy to be the only 10s I’ve ever seen.

tl;dr – Faunasphere

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tl;wr (too long; won’t read)Very, very, very, very friendly and warm community. They’ll make you feel like you’re family. You can easily become addicted to it. Not recommended for a hardcore audience.

I. Overview

  1. Game title: Faunasphere
  2. Publisher and Developer: Big Fish Games
  3. Release date: March 2009
  4. Category: Casual, social game
  5. Development stage: Available
  6. Platform: PC, browser-based

II. Analysis

  1. Storyline/objective: Build up your Faunasphere (home) and get rid of the pollution.
  2. Target audience: Casual gamers – all ages, male or female

III. Interview/demo

  1. Person: Toby Ragaini
  2. Title: Vice President, Community Games

IV. Thoughts

  1. Self
    i. What I like
    – The players in the game are very friendly! Thanks for the help, BonnieJo!
    – Community is very warm and welcoming.
    – Very cute graphics
    – Game is not too demanding and is meant to be relaxing
    – Did I mention the players are super friendly?
    – The Faunasphere can be used as a way not only to showcase your high level, but also as a way to visually represent yourself
    – It’s free!

    ii. What I didn’t like
    – Gameplay is very simple – not very deep
    – While it might be easy to get addicted to this game, the rewards (bragging rights, getting a cool ending, etc.) aren’t very high

  2. Target audience
    i. Positives
    – Players will really enjoy how friendly the community is. Everyone is very helpful.
    – Lots of options for customizing your own faunasphere, and even breeding your different faunas to create new ones
    – Game is not demanding at all
    – You can play from anywhere!

    ii. Negatives
    – The casual players might be discouraged after seeing other players at much higher levels, but it could alternatively be used as motivation

V. Assets


tl;dr – Elemental – PAX 2009 Preview

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tl;wr (too long; won’t read)Beautiful, detailed artwork. Ideal game for its target audience – may be difficult to draw in a new audience.

I. Overview

  1. Game title: Elemental
  2. Publisher and Developer: Stardock
  3. Release date: February 2010
  4. Category: Fantasy turn-based strategy
  5. Development stage: Public beta
  6. Platform: PC

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tl;dr – Fairytale Fights – PAX 2009 Preview

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tl;wr (too long; won’t read) Gratuitous violence with cute characters! Great to play when you’re either (1) recovering from a break-up or (2) drunk.

I. Overview

  1. Game title: Fairytale Fights
  2. Publisher and Developer: Playlogic
  3. Release date: October 27, 2009
  4. Category: Platform adventure
  5. Development stage: Beta
  6. Platform: PC, XBOX 360, PS3

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tl;dr – Military Madness

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tl;wr (too long; won’t read) If your balls are big enough for Military Madness, there’s no need to scream about being in Sparta.

I. Overview

  1. Game title: Military Madness: Nectaris
  2. Publisher and Developer: Hudson Entertainment, Backbone Entertainment
  3. Release date:  Summer 2009
  4. Category: Turn-based strategy
  5. Development stage: Available
  6. Platform: XBLA, PSN, WiiWare

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tl;dr – Dragon Nest Preview

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tl;wr (too long; won’t read) – It’s still in development, so they have some time to add more cool shit. But for now, (1) Haven’t I played this somewhere before? (2) SICK COMBAT SYSTEM – ALRIGHT! and (3) Back to playing WoW.

I. Overview

  1. Game title: Dragon Nest
  2. Publisher and Developer: Nexon America, Eyedentity Games
  3. Release date: “Sometime in 2010”
  4. Category: Fantasy MMORPG, F2P, dabbles in FPS
  5. Development stage: Open beta in Korea. Not yet started in US.

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iPhone App Review: Wolfenstein RPG

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Those who read PG regularly might know by now, that I have a bit of a soft spot for id software and am a massive fan of almost all their games. Out of all of the games franchises id have produced over the years, Wolfenstein has to be my favourite. It all started with Wolfenstein 3D which recently got a port to the iPhone which we loved. Those of you with phones other than an iPhone maybe familiar with the most recent edition to the Wolfenstein family on the iPhone, Wolfenstein RPG, as it started life as a mobile java game. Now having gone through a spruce up including graphics, sounds and controls, Wolfenstein RPG is back and better than ever. Read On

Review – Dissidia: Final Fantasy

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Ever wonder what it would be like to pit characters from different Final Fantasy games against each other? Who would win the title of the most badass emo character, Cloud or Squall? Is Sephiroth as badass as everyone thinks he is or is he, at his core, simply a momma’s boy who can’t hack it? Well now you can find out, thanks to Dissidia: Final Fantasy for the Sony PSP.

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Star Wars Old Republic [20 minute demo video]

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Star Wars The Old Republic, the better Star Wars MMO, is shaping up to be one of the better looking MMOs with a few things we’ve never seen on any existing MMOs out in the market today.

One of the special features in SW:TOR is the ability to change gameplay based on the dialogue you use.  Just like the Mass Effect franchise. Depending on what you say or how you act could effect the number of enemies you fight or the types of enemies you fight.

Another special feature is that it is the first MMO to use actual voice actors for all of the dialogue in the game.  That’s gotta be hundreds of hours of sound data.

And finally, a cover system during blaster battles.  You can hide behind a tree, wall or rock. Just like numerous games out there.  But this is definitely a first for an MMO.

Bioware took this game to a whole new level that made me VERY interested and opened my eyes. Enjoy the video above to see what I mean.

Splosion Man – Review

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Splosion Man is Twisted Pixel’s follow up to their much acclaimed platformer The Maw. And as good as that game was, Splosion Man outshines it on every level. Microsoft featured the title in this year’s Summer of Arcade on Xbox Live and it’s easy to see why.

The concept of the game is simple, you are a science experiment gone wrong. You are now made up of a molten fiery substance and have the ability to explode. Hence the title Splosion Man.

After becoming a freak of nature your life is centered around two goals:

1. Escape from the laboratory.

2. Kill every scientist in your path (revenge is a bitch).

That’s it. There’s your plot. Simple but extremely addicting.

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