Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Launch HMV Trocadero London

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At 12.01 midnight GMT on the 10th November, HMV, Game and select supermarkets opened their doors to the hordes of eager fans aching to get their hands on Activision’s latest block buster Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Sam Gibbs, representing Pixelated Geek, was on hand at HMV in London’s Trocadero to cover the carnage. With just under 1000 people expected, security was tight with a full team of door men were there to keep the piece. Competition winners were also on hand to collect their swag and of course get their hands on the game.

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Review: Lego Rock Band – X360/PS3/Wii

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wrecking challenge

Rhythm games seem to have the spotlight at the moment. First DJ Hero hit at the end of October, followed last week by Band Hero and, of course, Lego Rock Band. I got a chance to play the game at E3, similarly to The Beatles: Rock Band. However, unlike with Beatles, I questioned the necessity of a Lego version of Rock Band. After all, where as The Beatles: Rock Band was a game centered around The Beatles’ music and the story of their career, Lego Rock Band appeared to be nothing more than a reskinned version of Rock Band with a new soundtrack. I don’t have a problem with the Rock Band series at all; in fact, I’m rather fond of it. But is Lego Rock Band really necessary? Sure, Lego games are interesting and popular, but is a merger between two popular franchises really necessary. The answer is a resounding “meh”. It’s not bad, with new game modes that add a little flavor to the game as a whole. But overall, the game just falls flat thanks to the more family friendly soundtrack. Read On


Review: Undead Knights – PSP

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The PSP is quite a interesting handheld device, it’s major draw for me was the more Mature themed content and the 3d Graphics. That’s not to say I don’t own a DS but there isn’t Kratos on the DS. This time around it’s a fresh new title from Tecmo called Undead Knights. I was lucky enough to get a review copy to give a spin. How does this game live up to it’s undead title? Read On

Aliens Vs Predator hands on at Eurogamer Expo London

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I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to the discussion at Universal that lead to the formation of the Aliens Vs Predator movie. Here’s how I think it would have gone:

Ideas guy: ‘Dude, what about Aliens and Predators in one movie?’

Producer: ‘Man, that would be sick! But they’re not even in the same story universe’

ID: ‘Meh, so what? They did it in games in the 90s. Two of the best and biggest monsters in one movie, it would be epic!’

P: ‘Yeah but we can’t make a movie without a story can we?’

ID: ‘What about: Predators breed Xenomorph Aliens for sport hunting? Make it some sort of Right of Passage or something’

P: ‘Yep, that’d probably work. Game on, I’ll put a writing team together’

And so, the Aliens Vs Predator movie was born and a reboot to the series was initiated. Two of Universal’s biggest monster franchises, combined together into an all out action fest. Yeah, there was a story, well kind of, but the original AVP movie and it’s subsequent sequels have all been about glorious action. I think of them as the balance to all those period dramas and romcoms, which helps me come to terms with spending money to see a film with basically no narrative.

Of course, both Aliens and Predator have seen game-movie tie-ins that predictably have been a little weak. Probably the best of the lot was Alien 3 back in the 16bit era, but the latest in the long list of  franchise game spin offs, Sega’s new Aliens Vs Predator (AvP) is attempting to change that and it’s multiplayer was on show at the Eurogamer Expo in London for hands on. Read On

Mass Effect 2 hands on at Eurogamer Expo London

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The follow up to the wildly popular Xbox 360 and PC game Mass Effect is set to hit the streets in January 26th in America and 29th 2010 in Europe. Mass Effect 2  is set two years after the conclusion of the original having stopped the Reaper invasion, Commander Shepard must join forces with Cerberus, recruiting some of the galaxy’s most dangerous operatives in a bid to find out what’s causing the miraculous vanishing of entire human colonies. Read On

God of War 3 hands on at the Eurogamer Expo London

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So you’ve heard that the God of War 3 collectors edition is going to steam roll you wallet ($100 for the privaledge) and you’ve noted that the demo will be available on the District 9 Blu-Ray (available 29th December) if you’re not too keen on buying the first two games again on Blu-Ray with the God of War Collection, but what does God of War 3 handle like? Should it have been an FPS? Is it more of the same? Does it deserve your hard earned rent money? Well Pixelated Geek is on hand to find out.
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Assassin's Creed 2 hands on at the Eurogamer Expo London

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As a massive fan of the original, I’ve been waiting for the next instalment ever since I stepped out of the Animus. Landing on American shores on the 17th November and PAL regions 20th November, thankfully we don’t have long to wait. Assassin’s Creed II is set in 15th century Italy between 1476 and 1503. The story follows the exploits of a new assassin by the name of Ezio which has him running around Venice, Florence and Tuscany in the same ‘open-world’ type game play as the original. Read On

MAG hands on at the Eurogamer Expo London

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By now you must no the score, Zipper Ineractive’s PS3 exclusive MAG (Massive Action Game) is both massive and full of action. Hitting American store shelves on the January 26, 2010, it’s one of the most ambitious online FPS games ever tried, featuring a total of 256 simultaneous players in one game, 128 versus 128. Zipper Interactive, the first developer to bring online gaming to the PS2 with SOCOM, is attempting to bring a new kind of war type FPS to the world, where whole battalions face off against each other in real-time combat. Hundreds of organised and well trained soldiers (that’s you if you hadn’t guessed) facing off in real-world type scenarios like those portrayed in Black Hawk Down. Read On