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2009 Summer Movie Rankings

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2009 Summer Movie Rankings

I’m ranking this summer’s geek movies. I’m not a professional movie critic – I’m just saying how I reel’y feel.  If you don’t agree with this chart, let us know in the comments. Maybe you can change my mind.


Current Rankings:

  1. Star Trek – Read review
  2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Read review

Movies yet to be reviewed:

  • Terminator Salvation
  • Pixar’s UP
  • G.I. Joe
  • Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

New Hulu Commercial – The Leary Mission

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I’m really liking this Hulu Alien campaign by Crispin Porter + Bogusky. It’s both cute and engaging.  Every time a new on comes on, I have to stop what I’m doing (which is usually nowadays, blogging, chatting or playing sf4) and watch.  This new ad features Dennis Leary giving away “Hulu’s plot” of world domination by aliens at the beginning of the ad. Unlike the previous 2 which gives the plot at the end. But, just like the ad implies, we are just too distracted by our lapity tapity boxes to notice whats going on.

To view the previous 2 Hulu spots, click here.

Join Wallace & Gromit in The Last Resort, the Newest Game from Telltale and Aardman

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SAN RAFAEL, CA, May 5, 2009 – Telltale and Aardman are announcing the release of The Last Resort, the latest of four monthly Wallace & Gromit games that open up the world of West Wallaby Street like never before. “The Last Resort” is available today for PC from as part of the Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures series. The games will also be coming soon to Xbox LIVE® Arcade.

Telltale’s Wallace & Gromit games are like interactive films, with humorous storylines and creative characters conceived in collaboration with Aardman’s award-winning team. In the new episode, Wallace and Gromit’s Blackpool holiday is rained out, so the enterprising inventor and his clever dog bring the beach to their basement with the construction of West Wallaby Waterworld, a makeshift resort complete with sun, sand, and Wallace’s homemade boardwalk attractions. Keeping their guests satisfied turns out to be tricky business, particularly after one is thumped on the head by an unknown assailant. Everyone is a suspect! Now Wallace and Gromit must work together to finger the culprit, with a little help from Wallace’s latest invention: the Deductomatic.

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine – REVIEW

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X-Men Origins: Wolverine – REVIEW

X-Men Origins: Wolverine had a lot of shitty Tweets: everything from “Wolverine sucked!” to “Wolverine wasn’t half bad.”  Granted, I went into the movie thinking that it was, indeed, going to suck. I assumed it would be another one of those unbalanced movies where storyline overwhelms the action, romance overwhelms the character development, titties overwhelm the… well, you can never have enough titties.

Surprisingly, I kind of liked the film. There were a couple of areas that definitely needed improvement (i.e. casting Will.I.Am), but it was a good mix of story and action. You would learn about something, then see action. And so on. However, the character development of each mutant was very weak. The movie did a poor job at explaining where each mutant was coming from and things felt unfinished.

If you’re not doing well in our current economy, save your money and wait for it when it comes to iTunes rental: it’s not really worth the popcorn money.