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New Microsoft Ad Takes Another Shot at Apple

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Looks like Microsoft’s marketing campaign taking shots at again.  I really doubt its working.

“Macs to me is really only about aesthetics more than computing power.”

Being an Apple Fanboy, Mac’s are about sexyness and being user-friendly.  They have as much computing power as that crappy-ass HP you bought and you can run almost any OS on it. Also, it’s easy to buy a PC laptop when someone is buying it for you.  I mean heck, I’d buy a PC laptop if someone handed me straight cash after I bought it.

Congratulations, Giampaolo.  You’re a PC and a hired actor that might have received an HP laptop.

(Yes. I understand I’m going to get flamed for this.)

Which Nick Fury do you preffer?

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With the a new Nick Fury movie slated for production and rumors of Samuel L. Jackson to play the lead I brought my self to wonder “who do I like better as Nick Fury?” Now don’t get me wrong. I love Sam Jackson. The guy is incredible and I’m sure that he’d do a great job. My heart though, tells me to go with The Hoff in any situation regardless of what the role might be.

Besides, I heard that Marvel is low balling that shit out of Mr. Jackson anyway and that his casting may not even be a reality. So I want to know who you would preffer as Nick Fury.

Sam Jackson as Nick Fury

Sam Jackson

The Hoff as Nick FuryThe Hoff!

Transformers 2 – List of Robots

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W00t! Paramount Pictures released the robots and their names for Transformers 2!


Optimus Prime: The Autobots’ leader – alternate form: Peterbilt truck.
Ironhide: Weapons specialist – GMC Topkick.
Ratchet: Medic – Hummer H2.
Bumblebee: Friend and mode of transportation for Sam Witwicky – 2010 Chevorlet Camaro.
Arcee: A female Autobot – Megan Fox’s hot-pink motorcycle.
Jetfire: A fighter plane crash-landed on Earth a long time ago, and he will become a reformed Decepticon now fighting for the humans. His alternate form is the SR-71 Blackbird, a sleek Cold War spy plane. “He’s old, craggy, forgetful … doesn’t work very well. Can’t transform very well, because he’s very geriatric. They get stuck with him a lot,” Bay says. “He knows the plan of the bad guys, but he forgets all the good parts of the plan.”
Sideswipe: A candy-apple red Lamborghini in the original, joins the cast this time as General Motor’s silver Corvette Stingray concept car.
Jolt: the original toy was a Decepticon, but in the movie he’s a good guy – Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid.
Skid & Mudflap: a.k.a. “The Twins” – Chevrolet Beat and Trax concept cars. “Some of the junior Transformers are just dumb,” Bay says with a laugh. “But it’s great for kids because they’re like the Little Engine That Could. They’re (screw)-ups, but they get really heroic at the end.”


Starscream: Formerly Megatron’s second in command, he escaped at the end of the first movie; F-22 Raptor jet.
Scorponok: The mechanical scorpion that attacked the American troops in the desert.
The Fallen: An ancient robot, sort of the Transformers’ version of Lucifer. He’s one of the original robot aliens, and his defiance and arrogance led to his banishment into another dimension. The screenwriters call him “the most elemental bad guy” and say that The Fallen holds the key to life on both Earth and Cybertron, the Transformers’ home planet.

Sideways: The Audi R8 seen crashing through a building in the trailer.
Soundwave: A cassette player in the original toys. An evil communications expert but this time in the form of an orbiting space satellite.
Ravage: The ultimate spy. A four-legged, cat-like robot. Ravage doesn’t turn into anything. “In the spirit of ‘more than meets the eye,’ Ravage isn’t just lethal because of his sharp teeth,” says screenwriter Alex Kurtzman. “There’s actually another skill set Ravage has that didn’t exist before, so there’s going to be a surprise for fans.” He doesn’t talk like the other Transformers.

The Doctor: A spider-like droid that transforms into various implements of torture.
Wheelie: A small, radio-controlled truck.
Demolisher: One of the Constructicons that transform into construction vehicles.
Devastator: A giant robot formed by the Constructicons joining together; individually, they are: Scavenger, Scrapper, Hightower, Longhaul, Rampage, Overload and Mixmaster. “He’s made of vehicles designed to build, and he turns into is someone who loves to destroy,” Orci says. “He is an agent of absolute chaos.” Michael Bay says that when Steven Spielberg saw Devastator, he said “This is (expletive) awesome!’ ” Bay says,  “It’s always nice when you can make him swear.”
Megatron: (unannounced)

Pixar vs. Dreamworks

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This is what I have been saying all along.  Dreamworks animated films suck.  They go for the easy kid money.  None of their work is classic.  Each film just feels like an easy scam to get kids into the theaters.  And of course kids can’t go alone, so they get extra money because the parents have to buy a ticket too.  The films suck because there is no substance to their story.

All film makers know , or atleast I hope they do, that a film is supposed to tell a good story.  A story that will stick with you for days.  Pixar does just that.  Also, they add in good genuine comedy (“Edna mode….. and guest”).  Not the comedy of fart jokes (Shrek).  Because of this opinion of mine, I have never watched another Dreamworks Animated film since Antz.

But, I did beat Kun-Fu Panda on Xbox360. It came with the console. =

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HD Movies Available now on iTunes

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As a lot of our readers may know I’m not a big Apple/Macintosh fan but I do use iTunes (because Serato Scratch Live works off iTunes) So…

Apple/iTunes Announced yesterday that it would be hosting High Definition Movies yesterday effective IMMEDIATELY. The movies will be $4.99 to rent and $19.99 to buy. Available already are titles like Role Models, Wall E and The Dark Knight. Certain movies like Quantum Solace and Twilight are even available for Pre-Order so that once they’re available they will automatically begin downloading.

This is what I saw

This is what I saw