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HD Movies Available now on iTunes

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As a lot of our readers may know I’m not a big Apple/Macintosh fan but I do use iTunes (because Serato Scratch Live works off iTunes) So…

Apple/iTunes Announced yesterday that it would be hosting High Definition Movies yesterday effective IMMEDIATELY. The movies will be $4.99 to rent and $19.99 to buy. Available already are titles like Role Models, Wall E and The Dark Knight. Certain movies like Quantum Solace and Twilight are even available for Pre-Order so that once they’re available they will automatically begin downloading.

This is what I saw

This is what I saw

Stephen Colbert has "Twatted"

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During the Today show, right before a commercial break, Stephen has mentioned that he has “Twatted.” I guess that’ll be the new term for past tense “tweeting.” If not, I’ll be using it nonetheless. The best parts are when you can tell Stephen was just trying to be cute, seconds later, he realizes what he had just said on live TV. The other is the hosts response was “well, so have I.”

The Woz dancing the Cha-Cha-Cha

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So Dancing with the Stars is back on ABC, and  usually I don’t watch the show because, shit, its BORING, right?

But wait, who is that? Steve “The Woz” Wozniak is dancing this season? How can this be? Can the guy even dance?….he sure can….in this white guy, geeky, awkward sort of way.

You have to give it to the guy, he’s pretty cute to watch. You just want to rolll the son of a bitch around the dance floor. When talking to the judges he even cracks a nerdy joke, that of course, no one gets…you just have to say “awww.”

He is representing all the nerds out there….and he is doing something, well, he doesn’t usually do. So good luck to him. I hope he wins.

20 Online Video De-Motivational Posters

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Thank you people of the internets for uploading TV clips and webcam videos that make the tubes much more interesting and funny.  Here are 20 de-motivational posters from eGuiders that capture 20 video’s essence. Enjoy.