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How Its Made – You can't help but watch it

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Remember that video above?  It was a clip from Sesame Street.  See, back then this was one of the most interesting clips I’ve ever seen.  I never knew how cool it was to watch something being made.  But now, thanks to the Discovery channel, we have a show called “How It’s Made.”

How It’s Made always catches me off gaurd whlie channel surfing.  It’s like being a kid again and staring at the TV going “ooo” and “ahhhh.”  I can’t help but watch in amazment of all the advances the industrial technology and see things being made. What is your favorite “How It’s Made” item? Tell us in the comments below.


Nip/Tuck's Season 6 TV Spot

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Every once in a while, a mainstream TV show actually thinks outside the box and does something creative.  Like the video above.  When I first saw this on TV, I thought it was a make-up commercial.  Make-up commercials are usually artistic yet odd to me.  The whole creativity of the spot grabbed my attention from start to finish.  Also, I don’t usually like Kanye’s music, but this one was used just right. I wish more ad spots were more creative like this.

You Have to Admit, Flo is Hot

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Every once in a while, I catch a commercial of Progressive Insurance.  Each time I see it, I grow more and more fond of Flo’s geekyness.  Stephanie Courtney’s character’s little one liners and cuteness just makes me want to smile.  Now, I’m not a lonly geek.  I do have a girlfriend who is just as geeky as her.


Maybe thats why I’m fond of her.  But you have to admit, she is kind of hot in a very geeky way.  Am I the only one that thinks this?


Dark Knight opening in theaters again

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Warner Bros. Pictures is bringing “The Dark Knight” back for a return engagement in theatres and IMAX on January 23, 2009, giving audiences one more chance to see the film on the big screen. The film will re-open nationwide, it was announced today by Dan Fellman, Warner Bros. Pictures President of Domestic Distribution.

Wow.  The only other time I’ve heard of a movie coming out onto theaters again, AFTER the DVD of it came out, was for the Lord of the Rings marathon.  I never got to see The Dark Knight in IMAX because every chance my friends and I got to go, it was sold out.  So, if you’re like me and don’t own a Blu-Ray player and a 1080p HDTV, here’s your chance to see it on a much BIGGER screen.

[via MovieGab]

Star Trek Original Phaser & Communicator

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For all you Trekkies out there (don’t be ashamed, here at Pixelated Geek we don’t judge) your Christmas gifts are now set with the release of the new Star Trek (TOS) Phaser and Communicator set. This new set, unlike previous efforts features sounds, lights and a real likeness to the props used in the Original Series.

Features include:


  • 4 power settings (stun to kill) with effects to boot
  • Light control knob
  • a Flip up sight for when accuracy is a must
  • Overload function with explosion effects
  • Detachable Type 1 phaser (with full effects!)


  • Full size replica with all the right effects
  • Moving moire pattern
  • Hailing function (Enterprise call back after a delay of 5secs)
  • Flip open metal grill
  • Over 20 sound effects/phrases including the classic “Spock here, Captain.”

A gift for any true fan, an ideal stocking filler, make that special Trekkie of yours happy. Available from Think Geek for the bargain price of $39.99.

[Via Gizmodo UK]