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TomTom with background navigation – has the iPhone GPS come of age?

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TomTom with background navigation – has the iPhone GPS come of age?

So by now you should know that one of the main enhancements Apple made to the iPhone in iOS4 is the ability to do limited multi-tasking and maintain certain services such as core location, music playback and VoIP in the background for minimised apps. It’s been great news for apps such as and Pandora, but one of the best uses has to be background navigation. The problem with iPhone car navigation apps up until now has been that if someone called, a text came in or you needed to access something else on the phone, the navigation app you were relying on to guide you to your destination had to be quit and you’d therefore lose your navigation aid. It could be a real problem if you were navigating through a complicated series of directions when a call came in, disrupting your navigator, even if you didn’t want to accept the incoming call, leaving you in the lurch.

Now that turn-by-turn navigation apps such as TomTom have got the ability to maintain navigation, position and even shout out directions when not in the foreground, have iPhone navigation apps really come of age? The first major car navigation app to take advantage of background core location was the infamous TomTom. Arguably one of the best navigation apps available for the iPhone, and although pretty pricey, TomTom is certainly a fully featured match for a dedicated PND. We’ve covered the TomTom iPhone app before, so we won’t go into the program’s basics, but with background navigation enabled, TomTom continues to run when minimised as you might expect. It’ll even shout out directions and traffic notifications to you from behind something else, a pretty important feature if you happen to be on a call when a crucial turning comes up. You could argue that having a dedicated PND solves the problem entirely, but these days who wants to carry around more than one device when your smartphone basically does it all, and for the most part just as well as multiple devices. Read On

Developer Interview: Daniel Leivers from Sofa Racing

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Developer Interview: Daniel Leivers from Sofa Racing

Daniel Leivers is a Software Engineer and iPhone App developer from Worcester, with apps in the App Store such as myPSN, myCOD5 and myKillzone.


Sam Gibbs: What made you become an iPhone developer? What was the original spark that you thought, there’s not an app for that, yet?

Daniel Leivers: Pretty much! I was sat in a pub waiting for a friend to arrive and wanted to see if he’d actually finished playing Killzone 2 or not. Later that night we also wanted to see who had the better Killzone stats so two apps actually came out of that night! Really I’m just writing apps that I find useful and hopefully other people do too.

Of course it wouldn’t have happened at all without the support of my wife (who also happens to be a graphic designer — all the logos and graphics are her work!)

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Google Voice Launches Via The Web

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Apple made sure that Google wouldn’t get any app Store love for its Voice service.  The app was banned and that was it… gloves off, first punch thrown.  Well, Google responded with a haymaker:

Just point your iPhone to and give it a try.  Any iPhone users out there who would like to let us know how it works, please post a reply!

[via Consumerist]

iPhone Game Review: Connect 4

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Some traditional family board games translate well into the modern era in digital format, some simply don’t. Monopoly was one of the first traditional table games to make it to a computer and it’s done fairly well over the various platforms it’s graced, let alone the iPhone. There’s always been a game that I used to love playing but have never before seen move into a digital format and that’s Connect 4. Now thanks to EA, Connect 4 has graced the iPhone with all it’s chip dropping goodness. Read On

iPhone Game Review: Police Range

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Fancy a bit of pocket blasting fun? Well today we’ll be looking at another game from the venerable Handmark games studio AstrawarePolice Range. As the name implies it’s a game based around blasting targets in a Police shooting range, a nice simple premise that really fits the form and function of the iPhone and iPod touch. Read On

BBC iPlayer iPhone App on the way? [Updated: Nope, says the BBC]

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iPlayer-iPhoneThe BBC send out a press-pack once a month, that normally just includes viewing statistics and other mundane stuff like that. Of course those looking to see what the uptake of BBC’s iPlayer normally find useful stuff in there but the last one included a special gift (.ppt) for the rest of us, two images of an iPlayer iPhone app as seen above. OK, so the BBC has had an iPhone optimised iPlayer stream and webapp since March 2008, but this beauty of a screen shot shows downloads and streaming right within the app. Using data on the app will probably be limited to WiFi, as shown in the picture, but if it’s got a similar download system to the desktop app there’s nothing stopping you downloading and taking your fave programs on the road.

As leaks go, one from the BBC themselves is pretty conclusive, whether we’ll actually ever see the app I guess rests on whether Apple shows it some love or not. UK users, watch this space.

[Recombu Via Pocket-Lint]

UPDATE: Looks like the Beeb is denying it.

The Girlfriend Keeper App (works on dumb girls)

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This is not a joke. But it should be.

Are you a forgetful boyfriend? Can’t remember to put important dates on your iCal on your mac or in the Calendar App on your iPhone?  Do you forget to tell your girlfriend compliments?

Well worry not, dumbass, because “there’s an app for that.”

Introducing the Girlfriend Keeper app.  This app, when turned on, can send compliments via  text messages or emails to your girlfriend so you can go back to those other things that matter more. Depending on what you set your relationship level at, you can send messages like:

“I just drove by a brown barn and it reminded me of your eyes.”
“Did you know we started dating 37 days and 8 hours ago?”

Now, of course this is just a humor app.  But it is real.  If you really get this app for the purpose of keeping your relationship steady, then you are doing it all wrong, sir.  But if you get this app and it really works on your girlfriend, please tell us by using the contact form on the right side of your screen.

Girlfriend app – $0.99 – [iTunes Link]