Evony's newest ad reeks of desperation

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Every geek or at least gamer out there has seen and followed the transition of the infamous Evony ads out there.  The transition started from medieval graphics and characters to busty women wearing very revealing cleavage tops.  It obviously showed how desperate the people behind Evony were. Now, they have just reached the 2nd to the last step of asking for clicks from gamers around the net.  Using women in bikinis stock photo from to promote their medieval Age of Empires type game. The new ad has NOTHING to do with what they are promoting, except for the logo.

Dear Evony.  You’ve already tarnished your name enough. Give it up. No one is going to play your game.

Bikini models reading Star Wars scripts != && < Geek girls

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Geek girls, these are not. These are the type of girls that are fun to look at and watch.  But, if you actually try to have a conversation about web design, video games, or internets, I bet they would just twirl their hair and respond with “like, okay.” So, watching them read these lines is hilarious to me.  You can tell they don’t know WTH they are talking about.