Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Sign ups bring down

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Just this morning, the official Star Wars: The old Republic twitter account, tweeted:

We are excited to announce that we are now accepting tester applications for STAR WARS: The Old Republic!

This was very exciting news to everyone. So exciting that the whole internets broke the poor little webserver.  5 hours after the initial announcement, they tweeted with this:

We are making adjustments to the site due to the overwhelming response to the testing announcement. Please be patient and check back later.

But still, the web server is still down.  Was anyone of our readers able to get through today and sign up for beta access?  If and when the server comes back up again for sign up’s, we’ll let you know. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: ITS UP! GO GO GO! It’s still kinda slow, so good luck.

Dragon Age Origins: Leliana Video

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With this Holiday Season approaching quickly we have a bunch of Grade A titles coming out in the next month or so. Dragon Age Origins is scheduled for a Nov 3rd launch at least for the PC and 360 while the PS3 waits till the 17th. Developed by Bioware who is responsible for some of my top fav games including Mass Effect. I’ve had some hands on time with the game back at E3 and was quite impressed. Check out the latest video about the character Leliana.

Dragon Age: Origins system requirements released by Bioware.

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From what we can tell Bioware’s upcoming RPG, Dragon Age: Origins, is going to be chock full of gratuitous sex, unrelenting violence, and of course dragons. What else could you ask for? This one might be worth upgrading your video card for (or freeing up some hard dirve space for as the install is going to require 20 gigs). The system requirements for what is being referred to as the spiritual successor to the Baldur’s Gate series have been released by Bioware and you can check them out below. Along with PC, the game is slated to be released for Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 20, 2009.

Hit the read link for the specs and some great looking screen shots. Read On

E3 Dragon Age Origin: Hands On

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Had the opportunity to see a gameplay demo for Dragon Age then got to try it out.

Right away the character interaction stood out. Much like previous Bioware games most people have come to expect some fantastic storys and characters. It seems they’ve taken it to a new level. In the demo you are the team leader. Depending how you interact with particular charcters depends on how others will view you. When a character trusts in your leadership their character attributes increase. If they don’t trust you they’ll leave the party.

Onwards to the hands on impressions. I got to play the demo on the 360. Apparently all the console systems will look and feel the same. In terms of the controls it was a little difficult at first but then there wasn’t a tutorial given. After a couple of minutes using the controls I began to undestand how things worked. The load times were nice. Nothing to long. The graphics look great was actually suprised how well it ran. The attacking is all done with the A button. Magic is assigned to the others. Left stick controls your character while the right controls the camera.

Overall the game felt great. Load times were nice and the game moved quickly. Looking forward to taking the final version of the game for a spin.

E3 EA Bioware

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At the EA conference Bioware showcased their 3 major titles. Starting with Dragon Age Origins.

Simply put Dragon Age Origins looks fantastic. The talking points were set in motion. Essentially it’s supposed to be the most mature Bioware title yet. That the choices that you make would make you question yourself. Both those ideas sound fantastic. Then the lights the dimmed and the trailer rolled. For whatever reason it was set to Mason again. I guess someone in the marketing dept felt it should be used. The game from what was seen looked great. It seemed pretty mature and in a fantasy genre that seemed more interesting then the genric stuff I’ve seen.

Next up was Mass Effect 2. From what was being said you are assembling a team to help save the galaxy. Pretty much where we left off in the first one. Essentially though this is a little darker then the first Mass Effect. The gameplay looked great seemed to run a lot smoother. The only thing that feels out of place is some of the weapons. They have added some new ones that are supposed to be bigger and more powerful. I have to say I wonder how this will effect the gameplay and overall balance. Guess we will just have to wait and see.

The final showing was of the new MMO Old Republic. Let me just state that tons of jedi and sith marched out to show this :) The big announcements were that it’s going to be the first fully vocal mmo. Apparently everyone will have a unique voice. I found this to be interesting, I hope it to be true but I’m a little skeptical about it. The other big tease was that every story will be unique. I really hope this to be true but I wonder how this will effect the MMO gameplay I guess it could start off that way but then you’ll just slip into that grinding rut.

Overall a big showing for Bioware and EA. Now it’s time to gets some hands on :)