Xbox Live Community Playdate Alert + Mythic Map Pack

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For those of you who follow online trends, maybe you’ve heard of Red vs. Blue? Yes? No?

Well for those of you that have, the folks from the Rooster Teeth Production staff that produces the Halo-inspired online series are hosting a Halo 3 community playdate, using the new Mythic Map Pack this coming Friday, April 10th. Yours truly, the big RvB nerd that I am, will be getting in on that action under the gamertag Fullmetal XZ. The details can be found on the Xbox website, here:


Note: The new map pack will be required for the event.

Currently, the Mythic Map Pack is only available to those who managed to snag a copy of the Halo Wars: Collectors Edition, but fear not. Bungie has stated the map pack’s release will be April 9th, just in time for the community playdate. More details about the Xbox Live Marketplace release of it can be found here:


And, for those of you wondering what Red vs. Blue is, here’s the first episode for your enjoyment.

Halo Themed Wedding

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  1. We MET on Xbox Live while playing Halo 2.
  2. Dramamine helps prevent symptoms of motion sickness (i.e. dizziness, nausea, and vomiting)
  3. Her gamertag is SickNdehed
  4. We will be having a ‘real’ Halo Themed wedding. (Still wondering why? Please refer to point #1)
  5. We have already met in person.
  6. We are gamers and enjoy a multitude of games besides Halo.
  7. Your Full Sail tuition is NOT paying for our wedding.
  8. We still believe in the sanctity of marriage.
  9. The ceremony will NOT end in “You may now teabag the Bride.”
  10. No, we couldn’t have picked another/better game (again, refer to point #1)

[via aMatchMadeInHalo]