Jessica Nigri continues her quest to make our beloved characters sexier

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Jessica Nigri continues her quest to make our beloved characters sexier

We first caught a glimpse of Jessica Nigri at the 2009 Comic Con posing as one hot Pikachu.  Then, we saw her again at the 2010 Comic Con.  Now, she has sent us new pictures of her latest cosplay creation of what seems to be a cross between a playboy bunny and Zero Suit Samus.

I’ve asked her what character she’ll be “sexifying” next. But, she said it was a “secret.” Oh well. For all the pictures, go past the break.

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Fox's Replacement for Transformers 3 Announced

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Fox's Replacement for Transformers 3 Announced

We all knew that when Megan Fox was officially out of Transformers, Michael Bay was going to find another female hotter, if not as hot as, her. And who better than a Victoria’s Secret supermodel? Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been chosen by Michael Bay to be the next female role in the new Transformers movie. The Victoria’s Secret model has been featured in ads for Abercrombie, Bloomingdale’s, DKNY and Ralph Lauren just to name a few. What about her acting experience? Well, she has none. But that hasn’t proved a problem in previous Transformers movies. Personally, I’m sad to see Megan Fox go. I mean, she was fun to look at and she probably won’t be in anything I ever want to see. But hey, out with the old in with the new. What do you think? Let us know with a comment!

We will miss you Megan, or maybe not.

BTW shes not single. She’s currently dating Handsome Rob, aka Bacon, aka Chev Chelios, aka Frank Martin, aka Jason Statham.

Robotic Girlfriend keeps you lonely singletons company

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rLonely guys everywhere rejoice! Stop spending your hard earned on or speed dating. Buy yourself a robotic girlfriend and be satisfied with a companion that you just just turn off when you’ve had enough!

Introducing EMA, the Eternal Maiden Actualization, a ‘big-busted, petite, and very friendly’ 15-inch battery powered saucy minx.

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Glamour models removed from the iPhone courtesy of Hottest Girls [UPDATE 2]

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Since Apple integrated age ratings for apps the door has been flung open to adult content on the iPhone. Whether Apple would actually allow an iPorn app is not known but Hottest Girls makes it’s shot at the FHM/Loaded/Maxim pin ups.


Bringing new meaning to the iTouch

Hottest Girls comes armed with some 2200 odd pics of ‘topless, sexy babes and nude models’ (the first app to include nudity according to the developer). The app includes a rating system to let the developers know what kind of female flesh takes you fancy for refreshing the library of pics and lets you save the pics to your camera roll to do what you will with them. So for less than a cup of coffee you can get what you really buy FHM for, not the cars, gadgets or the interviews, the women of course, in the palm of your hand.

The 17+ rated Hottest Girls is available in the App Store for $1.99 (£1.19).

[Via Macenstein]


The app has been pulled from the App Store and according to the developers site it’s because they wholly under estimated the popularity of the app and their servers just can’t take it. Allen The Geek is insisting that the app will be back soon and that the grounds for removal from sale aren’t because of the adult content. Whether the app returns to the App Store with the content intact remains to be seen. Will Apple smite the slightly risqué app from it’s Store blocking it’s return? It will be interesting to find out whether Apple really has let any kind of content lose with the App Store age restrictions.


Looks like Apple did indeed pull the app from the App Store. No porn for you young Timmy!

Apple will not distribute applications that contain inappropriate content. The developer of this application added inappropriate content directly from their server after the application had been approved and distributed, and after the developer had subsequently been asked to remove some offensive content. This was a direct violation of the terms of the iPhone Developer Program. The application is no longer available on the App Store.

Looks like it’s back to web apps for the porn industry, sorry you aint getting on Apple’s pride and joy.

E3 Day 3 – Booth Babes

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For some strange reason, a bit more booth babes showed up today. Maybe exhibitors knew that the last day of E3 was the day to finally grab the attention of the regular attendee. None of the big name companies had anymore surprises or special announcements. Anywho, I bet you aren’t even reading this. If you are, thank you and enjoy the last collection of booth babe photos from E3. We will take more booth babe photos at our next event, the 2009 San Diego Comic Con in July!

Ubisoft Girl has GREAT teeth

Ubisoft Girl has GREAT teeth

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Gaming on the Go – Geek Chique

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Have a need to game on-the-go? Typical portable gaming options too tame? Jeri of FatManAndCircuitGirl (a prototyping and hacks video blog) has her own spin on Geek Chique.

Using a flat panel screen, two Nintendo controllers, a purse, and her own custom circuit hacks she has created the Nintendo/C64 Purse! FMCG’s site provides a weekly show that covers many other interesting bits (no pun intended) of circuit bending and warranty breaking fun.

Check out her overview below:

[via Make via FMCG]

10 Geek Tramp Stamps

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I don’t know who started the fad of putting tattoos on your lower back, but I don’t mind seeing them on the ladies.  And whats hotter is a geek or nerd girl that gets one.  She doesn’t say shes promiscuous, but seeing a “tramp stamp” might say she is.  Now, there are some hot geek tramp stamps and then there are some geek tramp stamps that just look like a bad idea.  Makes you wonder “wtf were you thinking?!”


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