Hulu's New Commercial with the hot Eliza Dushku

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Hulu's New Commercial with the hot Eliza Dushku YouTube Preview Image

Complete with bouncing boobs, Hulu keeps your eyes glued to the TV long enough to advertise themselves.  Then, at the end of the commercial, you wish YOU were that straw. I’ll admit, Hulu’s new alien campaign is really working for me.  Every time I see one air, I just have to stop what I’m doing and watch it.  Including Seth’s commercial.

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Good job Hulu.  Can’t wait to see more commercials from this campaign.

10 Geek Tramp Stamps

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I don’t know who started the fad of putting tattoos on your lower back, but I don’t mind seeing them on the ladies.  And whats hotter is a geek or nerd girl that gets one.  She doesn’t say shes promiscuous, but seeing a “tramp stamp” might say she is.  Now, there are some hot geek tramp stamps and then there are some geek tramp stamps that just look like a bad idea.  Makes you wonder “wtf were you thinking?!”


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