iPhone Comic – Fallen Justice Review

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Fallen JusticeAs game developers where quick to embrace the iPhone and App Store as a platform for games, so too have other media producers. Bands have launched music apps that let you explore additional content from art to videos and interviews, authors have been selling books as stand alone apps and now comic artists have also started to embrace the iPhone as a distribution channel.

Today we’ll be looking at a new series of comics called Fallen Justice, which is based around a league of Guardians that protect the people and help the less fortunate to build and develop their homes and societies. The Guardians are lead by Justice Theta, a super hero who’s addicted to helping people but is suffering from overload with too much to do. Read On

This Week's Comic Book Recommendation 7/13/09: Y: The Last Man

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ythelastman 1

This is my first post in what I’m hoping to become a regular thing. Each week I’ll be recommending a new comic book series/graphical novel for you to check out. When I first found myself drifting in to the world of comic books I felt overwhelmed. Unlike movies and video games, there aren’t many internet resources for comic book reviews and recommendations. So, if you’re looking for some comics to read, be sure to check PixelatedGeek every Monday (or so).

My first recommendation is a series called Y: The Last Man. It takes place in present time and follows the story of a young man named Yorick Brown. Yorick is a smart-ass, amateur escape artist, living in New York. His girlfriend, Beth, is traveling in Australia, when every mammal with a Y chromosome (only males have Y chromosomes, for those that didn’t pay attention to Biology in High School) is simultaneously killed. Every mammal with a Y chromosome that is, except for Yorick and his pet Monkey, Ampersand. Through out the story, Yorick and his counterparts struggle to keep his identity a secret as they attempt to navigate their way through the world’s crumbled societies to figure out exactly how and why Yorick and his monkey survived.

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5 Comic Book Characters That ‘Deal’ with Cards: Who Would Win in Poker?

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These five characters are a cut above the rest, mostly because they all have a great hand at what they do best. But who would win if they were hit with the right cards? And if they if they weren’t given the opportunity to whip their cards into the faces of their enemies, could they hold their own? (By the way, I shuffled these into no particular order).




First appearance: Daredevil #131, 1976
Bullseye is popular from the Daredevil series and he’s more popular for his unusual precision of, um, throwing things. While he enjoys throwing sharp objects, he’s perhaps notable for his affinity of throwing playing cards. In fact, if he never decided to pick up a set of cards, we’d see him throwing other things that come in bulk — like sunflower seeds, paperclips and Costco toilet paper rolls.







Yugi Mutou
First appearance: Yu-Gi-Oh! #1, 1996
I know what you’re thinking. Yu-Gi-Oh is an Anime. Au contraire: the franchise began as a Manga back in 1996. And although he doesn’t use a standard set of playing cards, an absence of his deck would make Yugi nothing but — oh! — a plain kid with funky hair. Certainly his deck of cards requires fast-thinking and problem solving — perhaps the same skills can be used in a gentleman’s game of poker?







Royal Flush Gang
First appearance: Justice League of America #43, 1966
The Royal Flush Gang is suited for victory. Seeing as how these supervillains can throw down in a fight, certainly they’d have the guts to throw down in a Poker game. This gang would perhaps bend the rules while bending their cards, competing with five Poker faces instead of one. Is that an advantage or a disadvantage at hand?








First appearance: Batman #1, 1940
If you try to play a Poker match with the Joker, you’ll get freaked out by his antics, creeped out by his jokes, and thrown off by his permanently-smiling Poker face. He’d be willing to insanely contrive an idea to fool you into losing not only your money, but also your appetite. Careful with the Joker — he most likely has a few wild cards up his sleeve.







First appearance: Uncanny X-Men Annual #14, 1990
Gambit was originally a thief — if you’re not careful, he’ll steal all of your money (if he doesn’t steal your heart first). This Ragin’ Cajun has a seemingly endless stack of cards stacked somewhere away in his trench coat. Gambit hurls charged playing cards at his enemies with utmost accuracy. Granted, playing a game of Poker with him just might make your head explode.








What do you think?

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Coming to XBox Live and PSN

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Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Coming to XBox Live and PSN

The countdown is over! Here’s the trailer!

I’m so glad this is being remixed into Xbox360 and PS3.  Even though people wanted and expected Marvel VS Capcom 3, we can’t say that we aren’t happy with the nostalgic MvC2.  The trailer says that the game will be online for download this Summer and an exact date is not announed yet.  I’m guessing around E3 time since it’s a little over 1 month away. But for now, Capcom, I will now accept that ride you are offering.

New Left 4 Dead Real Life Photos from Night Zero

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New Left 4 Dead Real Life Photos from Night Zero

As promised, Night Zero have posted a second photoset from their very popular “Left 5 Dead” photoshoot.  All these photos just makes us want to see a short film version.  Please, Night Zero! Do one!  If you enjoy these photos, go on to their official site and grab a copy of their photographic novel.

Night Zero Presents: Left 5 Dead

To see the photos from the first photo set, click this.

Breaking News: Night Zero's 2nd Left 4 Dead Photoset Coming this Friday

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If you missed Night Zero as our guest on PixelatedLIVE, you missed this breaking news they gave us:

If you don’t want to listen to the MP3 above, then just know that on, this Friday, will be a 2nd photo set from their already famous Left 5 dead photoshoot. Also, supposedly, Valve tipped off the Night Zero crew with information that a sequel of L4D is coming out called Left 5 Dead.  The extra character will be a pirate.  Not sure if they were bullshitting me or actually telling some truth.  You decide.

Below is an archive of last nights show.