Doritos – Crash the Super Bowl Ad Entry

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Doritos – Crash the Super Bowl Ad Entry

Well, ladies and gentlemen, you may or may have not noticed that our fellow Film School Web Series director, Jeremy Hyler, did not make it to the Crash The Super Bowl finals.  When I saw his entry, I thought it would be a shoe-in.  It was hilarious, creative, and just a little wacky, and that bit of wackiness is what I thought would be the trigger that would get everyone taking.

Maybe, I’m being biased since the cast and crew from Film School Series is part of the Pixelated Geek family.

But, in the end, at least it will be online forever for us to laugh at and enjoy.  A big pat on the back to Jeramy Blackford (Baby), James Huneycutt (Dad), Rebecca Bruder (Mom), Phillip Wright (Doritos Cruncher), David J Mack (Doctor) and of course Jeremy Hyler (Director). Job well done.

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Japan really knows how to sell a game

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Japan really knows how to sell a game

Oh Japan.  Is there no end to your cuteness, awesomeness, randomness, and, of course, weirdness? In this Japanese commercial, you’ll see young Japanese teenagers playing Sonic Free Riders for the Kinect. The commercial shows how COOOOOOOOL and AMAZING this game is! It also shows how big and clear a room needs to be to play the game.

Enjoy the stereotypical ad past the break.

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Old Spice, Perfect amount of Awesome?

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Old Spice, Perfect amount of Awesome?

Old Spice has had a bunch of Wacky commercials as of late, in fact I remember a lot of them being weird in the past couple of years. You remember that one with Bruce Campbell in it? That was the first I remember being really funny.

But will it go too far? I would hate for my favorite brand of stick deodorant to be viewed as a farce. This commercial is funny, and it takes the idea of manly things that are appealing to women to the extreme thus making the funny. Anything less would have made this flop. Old Spice is Manly. Men wear Old Spice. If the joke was anything else, I feel the response would be negative. We don’t want our deodorant made fun of. Axe? They make fun of themselves. Tag? Too easy.

I think they should slow down on the jokey commercials. I said it. Go to something a little bit more serious so it doesn’t loose it’s respectability.


Go watch the video past the break

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Old Spice Commercial Secrets Revealed!

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Do you happen to remember watching a hilarious Old Spice Commercial on Super Bowl Sunday? If not, let me refresh your memory.

He’s in the shower, then on the boat, and then on a horse! How did they do it all in once shot? Well, the fellas at had the opportunity to talk to two men that help create this awesome sauce commercial. Take a look for yourself and see how they did it.

Adidas Star Wars Commercial is Super Fly

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Adidas is coming out with a new line of Star Wars inspired “kicks” this year.  The commercial above combines geek culture with urban culture both artistically and tastefully.  Just like the new line does. The commercial really makes me want to go out and get a pair of X-Wing sneakers ASAP.  Besides all the “dopeness” of this awesome merge of cultures, what does Daft Punk have to do with it? I kind of got the chills when I saw them.

Urban + Geek + Daft Punk = Best commercial of 2010?

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[photos via FastCompany]

Google Chrome ads – Very Artistic

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Every time Google comes out with something new, automatically I like it.  I’m not sure why? Maybe it’s because how they do business over there.  They get the ideas from the worker bees rather than the big heads giving the ideas to the worker bees. Or maybe it’s because they give us technology that we never knew we needed, but once given to us, we can never live without it.

Another reason could be their marketing strategy of friendliness.  When I see ads from Apple, it feels clean, classy and sophisticated.  When I see ads from Microsoft, it feels like they are trying too hard. Then when I see these rare ads from Google and I feel like a kid again.

Great Job, Google.

Everyone needs a Handjob [SFW]

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Yes. This is real. Just like how that URO Club, the golf club you pee in, is. Even though this product is just a reshaping of a product that was already invented, the internet will surely help make this product make millions due the viral-ness of the video.

Can you imagine that kid in the commercial writing to Santa?

Dear Santa,

I would like a hand job please.


DJ Hero Daft Punk TV Ad makes me gitty like a schoolgirl

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I’m big fan of Daft Punk and after hearing that they are putting in 10 mixes into DJ Hero, I knew I had to preorder it.  More and more I’m getting excited about this game.  Now, after seeing the above TV commercial, I’m going crazy.  I feel like DJ Hero is going to be even bigger than Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

“But Nelson, why would I say such a thing?!”

Because, after taking another glance at the full track list, there doesn’t seem to be any one song that anyone would not want to play.  For instance, how many of you go through your list of songs in Guitar Hero or Rock Band and go, “meh.” Exactly my point.  Also, if you’re still on the fence about DJ Hero, let me remind you about one track that will be in the game.

Vanilla Ice — “Ice Ice Baby” vs. MC Hammer — “U Can’t Touch This”

Yea. I know. Awesome. Go to your local Best Buy, GameStop, or wherever you pre-order games now.  I have a feeling this game will be selling out everywhere.

Microsoft and WETA aren't done yet – Halo ODST Live Action Short Film [Updated]

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Screen shot 2009-09-10 at 9.27.44 AM

Just 5 days ago, Microsoft and WETA gave us another Halo live action ad.  Before this, we thought the live action Halo short films were done. Peter Jackson, Niel Blomkamp, and WETA already made District 9. Which was basically the Halo without anything Halo related.

Now Microsoft have put out another press release saying that there is still one more live action Halo ODST short film that is 2 minutes and 30 seconds long. But will only show in the UK. Congrats to you Brits.

UPDATE: Here it is. The full 2minute and 30second ad. Enjoy.

Dammit guys! STOP TEASING ME! Just give us a damn Halo movie already!

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