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Review: John Dies At The End

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Review: John Dies At The End

            “Now, this is going to sound crazy…”

Picture an empty house, a terrified woman, and a deceased boyfriend threatening her from beyond the grave. Two supernatural troubleshooters – armed with only a medieval torch, a 1987 ghetto blaster, and a dog with no self-preservation instincts – are soon caught in a life-or-death struggle with a monster made entirely out of frozen meat products.

And all of that? Was just the prologue.

The third book in David Wong’s utterly bizarre trilogy came out this month, so it’s high time I finally read book one: John Dies At The End. I’d love to come up with a pithy description, but there’s just no way to summarize what this book is about in three sentences or less. Click the jump to see me flail around trying to come up with something that passes for a review.

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