Left 4 Dead Desktop for a true fan

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Ever looked at your boring old Windows desktop and thought: ‘I really wish I could be playing Left 4 Dead right now’. Come on, admit it, we’ve all been there. But now thanks to UltraBE and the excellent free desktop customisation software Rainmeter you can feel like you’re in the game when you’re going about your mundane day-to-day office working duties. Word processing has never looked so good.

For full instructions and the theme download head on over to UltraBE’s deviantART Left 4 Dead HUD Desktop.

[Via LifeHacker]

Functioning Halo 3 HUD desktop is redonkulous

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Is that plain old Vista or XP desktop background boring you to death? Do you ever wish you could step it up a notch and show some love for Halo 3 in the process? Well now you can with some help fromĀ Lifehacker readerĀ rykennedyan.

halo3 desktop

He craftily modified the Rainmeter customizable application for Windows, with a Halo 3 kick of course. Almost every element on the HUB has an actual function.

Click the jump to see the configuration overview…

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