Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter

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Recently news had came about that Tim Burton was going to remake or re-imagine Alice in Wonderland for Disney.  Many knew what would be following after then that is Johnny Depp joining the cast.  Depp will be playing the mad hatter.  This is the first glimpse we see of him if this is actually real.

Wall-E's DVD Packaging

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Excerpt from FilmSchoolRejects.com:

“Pixar’s latest gem WALL-E doesn’t hit DVD shelves until November 18th, but it showed up at my house yesterday. And like any movie geek, I tore that UPS envelope open like a kid on Christmas morning, anxiously awaiting the prize inside. But while my greatest excitement was due to the fact that I would be able to watch WALL-E again, I was taken back by the awesomeness of the 3-Disc Special Edition’s packaging. And since it isn’t every day when such a standard release has cool packaging, I thought I would share it with you.”

Can’t wait to get my hands on it.  I love every Pixar movie.  Every film they come out with not only has comedy, but a heart touching story that no other studio can produce. Yes, I’m looking at you Dreamworks. Just because you mainly cater towards children doesn’t mean that slap stick and one-line comedy will make it a great computer animated movie.