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DJ Hero 2 Multiplayer Modes

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DJ Hero 2 Multiplayer Modes

DJ Hero 2 is coming out on October 19th and there is still a lot that hasn’t been revealed yet from the game. Except for the the names of the artists that will be featured on the game. In the video past the break, you will see the different kinds of multiplayer modes that the game will come with.

After watching it, DJ Hero 1 does seem like an introduction of the game to the world.  Now DJ Hero 2 steps it up with some good competitive action. Now, lets just hope Activision steps it up with more Guitar/Turntable tracks.

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CES 2010: Vibe by Rocker

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Do we really need any more accessories for our music games?  We already have the guitar, drums, microphone and a turntable.  Rocker, creator of gamer seats with integrated speakers, answers this question with a loud and rumbling yes.  Vibe is platform that you stand on that has 2 speakers, a subwoofer and pretty blue lights.  It’s supposed to make you get that sensation that you’re really a fake rock star.

Also, if you’re a fan of DJ Hero, Vibe also comes with a headset to again, make you feel like a real fake DJ.  The headset was uncomfortable and the sound quality was just, ok.

So, just like the Vibe platform, both products were not great and not bad.  It was just ok.  I just really feel that the accessories market is heavily saturated with unneeded hardware.

Scratch: The Ultimate DJ – "Like you're cutting lettuce" [Video]

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The video above doesn’t show much gameplay or gives you any hints as to the tracks that are on the game but gives you the history of the company that is making the game.  Most DJs know the name Numark and Akai, but to us regular geek folk that might be buying the game, those two names mean nothing to us.  Names like Activision and Harmonix mean more.

After playing DJ Hero a lot, I think scratch will have decent sales with their game.  It looks just like DJ Hero but with a few more buttons that aren’t on the turntable.  I foresee it being a competitor just like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. But it’ll all come down to music tracks.  DJ Hero has a lot of tracks I’m in love with, but Numark defintely has connections to more of the hip-hop community.

What do you guys think? Will this new game live up to the standards DJ Hero has laid down?

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Pixelated Podcast Ep.012 – Twilight Hero with Penis Controller

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If you haven’t got it by now, our podcast titles usually have nothing to do with the episode. But, what we actually talked about was:


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DJ Hero Daft Punk TV Ad makes me gitty like a schoolgirl

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I’m big fan of Daft Punk and after hearing that they are putting in 10 mixes into DJ Hero, I knew I had to preorder it.  More and more I’m getting excited about this game.  Now, after seeing the above TV commercial, I’m going crazy.  I feel like DJ Hero is going to be even bigger than Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

“But Nelson, why would I say such a thing?!”

Because, after taking another glance at the full track list, there doesn’t seem to be any one song that anyone would not want to play.  For instance, how many of you go through your list of songs in Guitar Hero or Rock Band and go, “meh.” Exactly my point.  Also, if you’re still on the fence about DJ Hero, let me remind you about one track that will be in the game.

Vanilla Ice — “Ice Ice Baby” vs. MC Hammer — “U Can’t Touch This”

Yea. I know. Awesome. Go to your local Best Buy, GameStop, or wherever you pre-order games now.  I have a feeling this game will be selling out everywhere.

My initial thoughts on DJ Hero

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I got to play DJ Hero over the past weekend at my local GameStop.  After just playing 2 songs, I immediately knew that this game would be an instant hit.  This game hit my musical heart and made me very happy.  It’s a bit like the iPhone‘s Tap Tap Revenge, but with “scratching” and use of a crossfader.  The game is extremly easy to pick up.  The only learning curve is the crossfader.  I could see a lot of people getting hung up on that aspect of the game, but just like any other rythem game out in the market, all it takes is a little practice.

I really can’t wait for this game to come out.  I’m most excited about the track list of the game.  You see, I’m a huge fan of mash-ups and rhythm games.  If you’re like me, you’ll definitely be getting this game. But, there are some people that are already giving it a thumbs down, like monkeymanD from reddit:

If I could sum it up in one thought, it would be this. Playing DJ Hero felt like playing some new fancy digital form of Bop It. It felt too much like you were just juggling a few different odd actions rather than actually coordinating your actions to accomplish an end. A toy, good for a short burst of amusement, but it will never even get close to the success of that good ol’ plastic guitar.

I could see his point of it being another “digital form of Bop It.” But I think the huge difference, to me, is the track list.  I doubt Bop It will ever have a Daft Punk track on it. So, readers, did you get a chance to play it over the weekend? If so, will you be pre-ordering or buying it?

DJ Hero's Full Track List Revealed

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I’m a big fan of Mash-Ups.  I acted like a gitty little schoolgirl when I saw and heard Jay-Z perform live with Linkin Park.  I still love it when I find great mash-ups on YouTube.  Then I heard about a game called DJ Hero that will let me act like I know how to mash-up songs and I just went nuts.  After seeing the demo played on stage at E3, I knew that I was going to get the game.  This was even before I saw any tracks revealed from the game.  Now, the full list has surfaced on the internets and I cannot wait for this to get into my living room already.  To see all 95 mashed-up tracks, go past the break.

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DJ Hero – Q-Tip VS Billy Squier [Clip]

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DJ Hero has posted a new clip to show you a new song produced and mixed by J. Period. Just by looking at the clip and imagining that I had the controller with me at my desk, I started pretending I was playing the game. You know, kind of like when you’re waiting for your turn on the DDR machine, so you start playing right next to it. After some pretending, the game seems kinda complicated. But, I guess I won’t know how complicated it really is until I get my hands on it. Oh holiday season. You’re really going to burn a hole through my wallet this year.