Google is Skynet

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Wave connecting to Skynet

Wave connecting to Skynet

There I was, innocently using Google Wave when out of the blue I see it connecting to Skynet! Now we’ve speculated in the past that Google with it’s server farms, dedicated undersea cables and it’s wealth of information on almost everyone, is the prequel to Skynet and that Google’s ‘Do no evil’ policy is just a front, but I didn’t expect to see Skynet emerging so soon and in plain sight! For those who aren’t up with Google, appspot is a Google platform for running your apps on Google’s servers.

Anyone else notice Google products connecting back to the mother of all evil computers? What’s next? The Google T-1000 Android ‘phone’?

Google Maps Navigation Beta: My First Drive

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nav-gallery-23The Google turn-by-turn voice navigation update to its Maps application became available to me last night as I was getting ready to leave work. I decided to pull the update and then try it out on my drive home… here is my experience:

Application download: 2.5 MB

I thought an application, including a voice, is quite compact at 2.5 MB. It turns out the voice libraries are not included on this download. When the download completed I started the app, went and entered my destination (home), then hit “Go.” It was here I was prompted to download the voice pack.

Voice Application Addon: 4.x MB

nav-gallery-24What?! Jeeze, in the G1 we only get 75 MB or so of application space… this was looking to be a real pain in the ass. Fortunately, the installer dumps the whole set of voice data to the SD card and then removed itself from the device. Clean, sweet, not 100% intuitive. For the less tech savvy phone owners, they may be stuck wondering where their application went, or why they can’t find it. A few instructions on the app or downloader MIGHT help these people out.

The Drive:

It is to be mentioned that my drive home is only about 20 minutes, 5 turns total, and relatively non-freeway heavy. The default route the app chooses for me takes me off my normal path, so I decide to go my own way. I am not more than 10 seconds into my new path when the application updates my new route seamlessly and takes the route I am more familiar with. No bitching, no complaining, it just works… that is how a tool should be.

I also decided to pick up dinner on my way, the app made two route corrections during my winging about the lanes to get to my chosen dining take-out spot. When I got out of the lot, it had my route for that spot onward. Again, seamlessly, the app took my actions and translated them to my desired results.
I can say I am impressed with this application thus far and I haven’t even used a majority of its capabilities. I can’t wait to see what additional things may make it in before it leaves beta. Good job Google Apps folks.

Weekly Tech Wrap-up

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It’s that time again, time to review some of my cherry picked smaller stories of the week for those that might have missed them. This time round we’ve got an Adobe Flash update that doesn’t suck. OK, sucks a little less. Flash 10.1 beta was unleashed to the willing public with GPU video acceleration for certain Nvidia cards on Windows, but perhaps more importantly reduced CPU usage across all platforms. What does this mean? YouTube that doesn’t make your Mac or PC red-line that’s what. A step in the right direction Adobe, maybe Flash isn’t a lost cause after all. I’ve certainly seen some improvements on my netbook and Mac. Read On

Still don't understand what Google Wave does? Let Pulp Fiction teach you.

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I recently got an invite to Google Wave from our UK Editor, Sam.  After toying around in it for a little bit, I’m still confused as to how things will work out if I completely left email for Wave.  But now, watching the video above, I see how things could be more organized.  Oh and no. Marcellus Wallace doesn’t look like a bitch.

Google Wave now working on iPhone/Android (at your peril)

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Google Wave can now be used, for those lucky few of you who have a Wave invite, on the iPhone and Android devices. Going to pops up a screen telling you that your browser is not officially supported but you can proceed ‘at your peril’:


I can certify that it does indeed work for the majority, so if you’re on Wave and have either an iPhone or Android device head on over to for some mobile Waving action.


Google Wave – Cutting through the hype

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google-wave-wallpaperSo, what’s all this Waving business all about and should you care? Well Wave is Google’s new communication project that is somewhat difficult to describe, but is based around an amalgamation of IM, email and real-time collaboration services. It’s currently in a closed beta, recently expanded to 100,000 testers (all invited manually if we’re to believe the buzz) and may revolutionise the way we communicate with our friends, co-workers and family across the internet. Read On