Everyone needs a Handjob [SFW]

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Yes. This is real. Just like how that URO Club, the golf club you pee in, is. Even though this product is just a reshaping of a product that was already invented, the internet will surely help make this product make millions due the viral-ness of the video.

Can you imagine that kid in the commercial writing to Santa?

Dear Santa,

I would like a hand job please.


Funny cat videos around the net

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I just saw the contest from Pixelated Geek for Twin Sector and I absolutely could not miss this one! So here’s some awesomely funny videos (at least in my opinion). There’s a lot of cat videos, but I don’t care what you think. I’m a furry and cats are awesome! Plus, they’re damn funny!


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Other mentions:

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

Yeah, uh, that’s it for now.

Evony Ad Spoofs

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Everyone knows that infamous game Evony for their desperate ads. The game ads that flowed throughout game related sites with Google Adsense installed, ours included, had graphics related to the game. But more and more, the ads advertised less about the game and more about “hey look at me! I have boobs!” The ads are now infamous and hilarious at the same time.  Below are some examples of what game companies have done to spoof these desperate ads.

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For some Banner ad spoofs, go past the break.

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