Your Friday Fix 7/10/09: Weiß Survive

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Weiss Survive

Genres: Comedy

Ratings L3 Ratings

Weiss Survive Image 1 Weiß Survive, based on the card game Weiß Schwarz (German for white and black), is a series that centers around two school-mates (Takeshi and Michi) who are transported into the Card Battle World. The old man there explains that Takeshi is the chosen warrior and that he must win his battles to return home. The style switches between polished animation and over the top chibi-styled moments.

Just after that… wait, that was both episodes, all 5 minutes total of them… *twitch*

Weiss Survive Image 2Ok, ok… so they are short, at least the story… umm, its just explaining the game mechanics with very LITTLE over story?… *twiiiitch*

OK, at least the cards will be a whole new set of interesting cha… they are all existing series/game characters??? *TWITCH*

What is this? A two and a half min advertisement for a game… disguised as an anime? Yes… I think it is…

Overall Hook Rating: F

Review: Time Gentlemen, Please

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time gentlemen, please!

I hate the way people tiptoe around indie games in general.  The industry’s approach to the vast majority of these shittastic independent game developers wreaks of a mother telling her daughter that she has a “nice” singing voice, only to have the daughter try out for American Idol later in life and get publicly destroyed by Simon Cowell.  I tell you this so you can be sure that when I tell you Time Gentlemen, Please is one of the best adventure games I’ve played in a very long time, you’ll know I’m serious. Read On

Your Friday Fix 7/03/09: Saki

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Genres: Comedy, Drama

Ratings R4 Ratings

Saki Image 1Saki focuses on the high school life of its namesake, Saki Miyanaga.  She meets up with her friend, Kyotaro Suga, who abuses her friendship to get him a “ladies only” special from the cafeteria.  He also happens to be a member of the school mahjong club/team.  After some light pestering, he convinces her to meet up with them.  Saki has never been a fan of mahjong as her family usually quarreled about her playing to poorly or to well (we later find that her family is divided and that her mother left with “the other” members, leaving her and her father together).

Upon reaching the club Saki comes face to face with a girl she took note of during the opening of the series, Nodoka Haramura.  Nodoka is a naturally talented player who was a champion at her junior high.  Another member of the club is Yuki Kataoka, the youngest and most scatterbrained of the lot.  Her hyperactivity and attention span of a gnat make her an occasional annoyance to the others.  They play three games, and Saki leaves.  The club’s president, Hisa Takei, takes not that Saki’s score for every game was exactly 0.  Not a good score by any means score, doing this three times in a row is nigh unheard of.

Saki Image 2This score perplexes the club president, and she convinces Saki to return for two more games.  On the first, Saki again attains a 0 score.  On the second, the club president convinces her that she needs to play to win, so she tells her to play as if she only started with 1000 points, rather than the original 20000.  If Saki can maintain her mindset of scoring 0, under the revised system she would actually win (as the club president said to play AS IF the had 1000, not that she actually had 1000).

Saki and Nodoka develop a rift as Nodoka loves mahjong, but was beaten by Saki, who really hated it.  The final scenes of the second episode touch on Saki’s mother and sister probably not coming back, and that Saki will join the mahjong club to play more with Nodoka (as she actually has fun playing with her).  It’s to be noted that the games played in this series are VERY animated, with mock visual effects added to moves… a bit over the top, but fun.

Overall Hook Rating: B

One of the best reactions of kid's World of Warcraft subscription being cancelled

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Now, this could be fake, but it still is weird and hilarious at the same time.

Man, this kinda gets me scared at thought of what would happen if everyone at Blizzcon had their accounts deleted while they were at the convention? The place would become a mad house of people flopping on the floor like Spongebob Square pants.  Come to think of it, never mind. That would be hilarious to see and post on YouTube.

For another kid freak out about his parents not letting him play World of Warcraft, go past the break. Read On