Pixar vs. Dreamworks

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This is what I have been saying all along.  Dreamworks animated films suck.  They go for the easy kid money.  None of their work is classic.  Each film just feels like an easy scam to get kids into the theaters.  And of course kids can’t go alone, so they get extra money because the parents have to buy a ticket too.  The films suck because there is no substance to their story.

All film makers know , or atleast I hope they do, that a film is supposed to tell a good story.  A story that will stick with you for days.  Pixar does just that.  Also, they add in good genuine comedy (“Edna mode….. and guest”).  Not the comedy of fart jokes (Shrek).  Because of this opinion of mine, I have never watched another Dreamworks Animated film since Antz.

But, I did beat Kun-Fu Panda on Xbox360. It came with the console. =

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Why the Fuck Do You Have a Kid?.com

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One time on the bus, I noticed what-appeared-to-be a 17-year-old girl playing with her Sidekick. Typical, yes. But she was also telling her what-appeared-to-be one-year-old son to “shut the fuck up.”

It begs the question: why the fuck do you have a kid?

And now there’s a web site for it, aptly named,

I was half-hoping to see pictures of girls who went to my high school on this site, but it seems that nobody has rummaged through their Facebook pictures. Yet. Ah, but life is beautiful – who am I to judge? Besides, this web site seems to be doing all the judging for me.

Here’s a small preview:

Really digging the lace-up hot pants.

Google Map of "Cloverfield"

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Wonder where all the events of the movie Cloverfield happend? Well here you go, complete with descriptions. Like the one below:

“I’m not positive but this seems like a likely location because there are hella electronics stores right here and plus it’s unlikely that there are any below Canal Street so process of deduction, you know. this is where that one dude is like let me not speak to my companions let me run and and get a new cell phone batter while dude behind the camera is most annoying asshole all “we have to go, we have to go” just shut up man you are biggest tool. and also we see that news thing where the parasites are revealed all killing that one kid or whatever”