Practical Augmented Reality

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To me, most augmented reality applications are mostly useless.  The term “augmented reality” makes me feel like I’m going to see something incredible, and then you realize all you can do is turn some thing on a screen.  Pretty lackluster.  This all changed for me today when I saw this video from Lego.  They make turning some thing on a screen totally useful and impressive.  Check out the video after the jump.  I think this in-store augmented reality could really be the future of retail for “inside-the-box” products. Read On

LEGO Universe – Beta Sign Up Now Open

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LEGO Universe – Beta Sign Up Now Open

If you were not fortunate enough to go to CES, stop by the LEGO Universe booth and sign up for closed beta access, now is your chance to do so.  Head on over to this page and sign up now.  There is no guarantee you’ll be chosen, but what do you got to lose?  This game will be one that parents and kids alike will be talking about and playing.  To see my preview of the game at CES, head on over to this post.

[via LEGO Universe]

CES 2010: Lego Universe

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What is LEGO Universe really about?

In the universe of LEGO, something is causing a maelstrom to rid the universe of its imagination.  It is up to every LEGO good spirit to rid these evil LEGO spirits by using more imagination.  Launching this year for PC only, LEGO will launch an MMO like no other.  I know that sounds cliched but it is a type of MMO that I have never seen before. Reason being is that the only MMO I have ever played was World of Warcraft.

But the idea of a MMO game where there is no leveling caught me off guard.  I didn’t know what to expect from LEGO before the exclusive presentation I was invited to.  The whole point of the MMO is not to “level up” your character but to “level up” your imagination by completing quests and collecting different LEGO bricks, mini-fig parts, and special LEGO accessories.

Create your own universe

With all these collected LEGO bricks you can build custom in game items or you can bring it into your own private property and build your own LEGO land.  Just like what you would do in real life. This was one of the main features of the game that really caught my attention. You buy bricks, build a model and play in it in your home.  With this private property you can build anything you can imagine and invite your friends to play in it.  Build a house, build race cars and a race track, or even build puzzles for your friends to figure out.  Again, the only limit is your imagination which is what the LEGO brand is all about.

More from my meeting with LEGO Universe at CES, screen shots, and a trailer after the break.

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Lego Battlecruiser operational

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I’m a big fan of Lego bricks.  But never have I made something with Lego bricks without the instruction manual.  Maybe I don’t have a good enough imagination.  I’m also a big fan of Lego sets that create spaceships and helicopters.  Lego builder, Jerac, has created a Starcraft Battle Cruiser.  The level of detail that Lego builders have is unbelievable.

More at his flickr page.

Reader Mail: Does the Rock Band Gretsch Duo Guitar work on other Rock Band games?

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Hi, I need help. I want to buy wii for Christmas this year for my kids and want to give myself a Beatles rock band game. Im looking for Gretsch duo guitar. But I would also like to take advantage of the Old Navy offer and get a LEGO Rock Band. Will this game work on that guitar? Ive read that with WII you have to have a different guitar for a different kind of games. Is that true?

Thank You,

Read the response past the break.

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Custom Halo LEGO Minifigs up for Auction – Toys for Tots Charity

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The creative LEGO minds over at Brickforge are auctioning off a full set of custom Halo LEGO minifigs for the Toys for Tots charity. These minifigs are custom made meaning LEGO doesn’t make these.  (But they should!) As of this posting, the auction the bidding is at $150 with 1 day and 4 hours left. If you want you own custom made full set of these bad boys, head on over to the auction page.


[via model building secrets via Bricklink]

Old Navy giving away Lego Rock Band on Black Friday

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In an unusual cross-promotion, Old Navy is giving away free copies of Lego Rock Band during Black Friday. The only catch is that you must spend at least $20 on clothes. Also, Old Navy will be selling Rock Band 2 with a free extra Rock Band guitar.  Hmm… a clothing store selling video games. Interesting…. More info and deals on