Tonight, Reach Falls.

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Tonight, Reach Falls.

If you’re a gamer, you know Halo. Whether you love it or hate it, Halo is an undeniable phenomenon, with a massive fan base and fingers in a tremendous number of consumer pies, from gaming to literature to comic books to t-shirts to . . . well, I draw a blank at what industries the franchise doesn’t touch.

Well, no Halo Cookbook. 343, get on that.

Culinary concerns aside, Halo is a monster, and one that I have loved from the beginning. An epic space opera with phenomenal voice-acting, a sweeping storyline, menacing villains on a religious crusade to essentially end all life in the galaxy, and space-zombies. Its a nerd’s dream, and one realized by a development team who has unparalleled production values. Some studios develop games; Bungie defines gaming.

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Blizzcon 2009 Liveblogs

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Blizzcon 2009 is just days away! If you’re too cheap to buy the internet stream or can’t watch it while at work.  Join us here for a liveblog from Anaheim, CA.

Blizzcon 2009 Opening Ceremony – [Liveblog]

Blizzcon 2009 Costume Contest – [Liveblog]

You can also join us on our adventure at Blizzcon and pretend you’re there.  We’ll be going to the pre-parties, talking to fans and just posting up random stuff.

PixelatedGeek’s Blizzcon 2009 Adventue – [Liveblog]