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Mass Effect 2 hands on at Eurogamer Expo London

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The follow up to the wildly popular Xbox 360 and PC game Mass Effect is set to hit the streets in January 26th in America and 29th 2010 in Europe. Mass Effect 2  is set two years after the conclusion of the original having stopped the Reaper invasion, Commander Shepard must join forces with Cerberus, recruiting some of the galaxy’s most dangerous operatives in a bid to find out what’s causing the miraculous vanishing of entire human colonies. Read On

E3 EA Bioware

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At the EA conference Bioware showcased their 3 major titles. Starting with Dragon Age Origins.

Simply put Dragon Age Origins looks fantastic. The talking points were set in motion. Essentially it’s supposed to be the most mature Bioware title yet. That the choices that you make would make you question yourself. Both those ideas sound fantastic. Then the lights the dimmed and the trailer rolled. For whatever reason it was set to Mason again. I guess someone in the marketing dept felt it should be used. The game from what was seen looked great. It seemed pretty mature and in a fantasy genre that seemed more interesting then the genric stuff I’ve seen.

Next up was Mass Effect 2. From what was being said you are assembling a team to help save the galaxy. Pretty much where we left off in the first one. Essentially though this is a little darker then the first Mass Effect. The gameplay looked great seemed to run a lot smoother. The only thing that feels out of place is some of the weapons. They have added some new ones that are supposed to be bigger and more powerful. I have to say I wonder how this will effect the gameplay and overall balance. Guess we will just have to wait and see.

The final showing was of the new MMO Old Republic. Let me just state that tons of jedi and sith marched out to show this :) The big announcements were that it’s going to be the first fully vocal mmo. Apparently everyone will have a unique voice. I found this to be interesting, I hope it to be true but I’m a little skeptical about it. The other big tease was that every story will be unique. I really hope this to be true but I wonder how this will effect the MMO gameplay I guess it could start off that way but then you’ll just slip into that grinding rut.

Overall a big showing for Bioware and EA. Now it’s time to gets some hands on :)

OMFGBBQ – Mass Effect E3 Prelude Trailer

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After reading both books and finishing the first game, Mass Effect 2 has been something that I’ve been looking forward to for quite sometime. Then Friday strikes with a great TGIF what better way to celebrate the greatest day of the work week then with a trailer. (Let alone a Mass Effect 2 Trailer) Let’s just say that the Trailer is golden.


E3 2009 Countdown: News and Rumor Round-Up

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Oh yea, we're going.

The annual Electronic Entertainment Expo is coming up in less than a month and not even the swine flu is going to be able to stop us from attending this year.

So what kinds of rumors are we hearing through the game-vine?

Activision Blizzard Logo

Blizzard will be a no-show
First off, all you Blizzard fans that were hoping for an update on Starcraft 2 or eager to see what they have in store for World of Warcraft can forget it. Although Activision Blizzard was confirmed to be attending the expo after taking last year off, it seems like only the Activision half of the company will be making an appearance. Sorry…but hey! There’s always BlizzCon, right?


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