Tasting the McRib for the first time

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Tasting the McRib for the first time

The McRib.  It seems like every time McDonald’s unleashes this sandwich into the gut of America, everyone needs to talk about it.  I’ve always wondered, what is so special about pork pressed and shaped into fake ribs?  After being convinced by our friends on the TF2west Reddit server, I decided to film my devirginizing moment with the sandwich.  Go past the break to see the video.

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New Santa Clara Measure Will Ban Happy Meals and Similar Promotions in Restaurants

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New Santa Clara Measure Will Ban Happy Meals and Similar Promotions in Restaurants

Apparently, this is the reason why children are obese.

Is it just me, or are parents getting lazier and lazier these days? After all, it seems the government has to step in to do things parents should have no problems handling themselves. In Santa Clara County, California, a new ordinance was voted on by county officials that would ban the sale of Happy Meals and similar meals at restaurants that didn’t meet nutritional guidelines. The reasoning behind this is to stop child obesity by fining restaurants that “prey” on kids’ love of toys to sell them unhealthy food. But to be honest, this is just freaking ridiculous. Seriously, isn’t this something that parents should take care of on their own? I mean, I’m no parent so maybe there’s something I don’t understand here. But, isn’t it the parents responsibility to monitor what their kids eat and all that?

The law itself is rather ridiculous. While the Happy Meal toy is meant to attract kids, as it has been doing for several decades, fast food restaurants are not forcing this food down kids’ throats. If this is something parents are worried about, then they shouldn’t cave in and take kids to eat wherever they want if they so much as throw a hissy fit. Such incidents cause a growing concern because it shows just how lazy the parents of today are. And if you want to complain about it and say I don’t know what I’m talking about, go ahead. It doesn’t change the fact that the responsibility should lie with the parents who, by the way, are the ones BUYING Happy Meals and the like for their kids.

In a sort of “compromise,” though I use the term loosely given that fast-food chains are being unfairly punished, as usual, county officials are giving a 90-day grace period to allow fast food chains to introduce a healthier alternative. Regardless of that fact, however, parents should stop being lazy and actually monitor their kids, rather than shifting the blame somewhere else.

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Picture Explainer: the Combo Breaker

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“That’s enough, Susan,” sighed Mr. Trigson, irritably massaging his temples. “That’s enough. Just go home.”

Her endless nights in the office, her countless number of skipped meals, her two months worth of cancelled nail salon appointments – it all resulted in missing the most important deadline in her company’s history. Susan tragically stared at the broken dreams meticulously laid out by the unfinished Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. She only needed a little bit more push. A little bit more drive. A little bit more coffee.

And in a matter of seconds, the pinstripes on her Armani business jacket trapped her into a prison.

“I can’t do this shit anymore.”

She hurled off the jacket. She cracked her knuckles. She let her hair down. She slipped her work into the outgoing box while coaxing herself out of slipping into the incoming tears.

“I’ve got to eat something.”

Susan trudged out of the office and dragged herself into the McDonald’s next door. She planned to reverse her sorrows with a Big Mac combo.

Extra onions. Please.

Suddenly her misery had evaporated into the aroma of dead cattle and a plethora of salt. The melted cheese was her melted stress. Her medium Coke was her new drug. She was lovin’ it.

But just as she felt nothing could get any worse, it happened. Someone had broken her combo.

P.S. This is TJ Combo from Killer Instinct, not Balrog.