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CES 2010 – Capcom: Hands On Impressions

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Looks like an updated version of Rolento's Stage from Alpha 2

Had some hands on time with Capcom’s upcoming games. Including Super Street Fighter 4, Tatsunoko vs Capcom and Monster Hunter. Also had the chance to see some Dark Void. Hats off to Bear McCreary the soundtrack is flippin great.

Impressions after the break.

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Monster Hunter Tri Press Event

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American fans of the Monster Hunter franchise will soon be once again turned loose upon an unsuspecting population of exotic prey.

Capcom previewed its new soon-to-be-imported Monster Hunter Tri on Tuesday, November 17th. Pheonix Wright: Ace Attourney for the Wii was also on display, as was Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. The event was set up like a mock class/school, and allowed attendees to test the battle demo with a series of pre-generated characters.  It was well-attended, although for the most part the development team of the game could not attend.

The latest entry in the popular hack-‘n-slash knows where the bread and butter of its gameplay remains: beating the life out of powerful quarries with a variety of interesting weapons. This hearty fare is garnished with a wide range of new additions, from online and split-screen multiplayer to what producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, who spoke at the press event, promises is the franchise’s most robust single-player story system to date, accompanied by an NPC companion named “Cha-Cha.” Read On