Teenagers like this should NOT be using the internet

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LiKe OmG. DISh iSh sOOoOOoOO kEwL. I LIk leaRneD hOw 2 uSe thE inTeRnEt aNd nOw i’M LiK sOoO PoPuLaR n StuFs.

I’m sorry. I don’t really type like that, but I did type that for a reason. To annoy you. I was annoying myself while I was writing that.  It took a good 2 to 3 minutes to type that first line. So how do pre-teens and teens do that? How do they read that?  And most importantly, why write/type like that?!

I grew up with the internet since the days of AOL 1.0 floppy disks. As a teenage geek during school lunch, all the “popular” kids went to the popular kids lunch areas.  I, on the other hand ran to the school computer lab as fast as a could to learn HTML, networking, and how to rocket jump in Team Fortress 1.   I always had some sort of annoyance towards those “popular” kids.  They all dressed alike, talked alike, and at some cases even had the same handwriting styles.

But now it feel as though they are stepping into my world.  Teenagers have learned to use the “internets” and are annoying me more and more. At first I thought MySpace was a good idea when it first came out.  Then they learned how to “code” their own HTML.  Since then, I haven’t visited MySpace until I created the “Why I hate MySpace” video.

I really feel as though I’m like an old grandpa sitting on a rocking chair yelling at kids to “get off my yard.”  Why can’t teens just use the internet for what it’s meant for.  Research, a creative outlet, a way to share stories, and read stories. If you’re going to use the internet just to “like say um stuff such as” why a forum member called you dumb. Just keep it to yourself and don’t feed the trolls.

Here is one more video that’s even worse than the first. Try watching it all the way through. I know I couldn’t.

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Ugh. I hate you kids.

Dumb MySpacers

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Hey MySpace users. Did you know that once a photo goes up on your MySpace, even though you leave your profile on “private” the photos can still go public? Ya. It’s called sharing on the internet. But then again, taking a bubble bath in your KFC employers sink isn’t any smarter either. Enjoy unemployment.

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YouTube users protesting new widescreen viewer

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/facepalm. Seriously people? Seriously? According to TrendsUpdates, dedicated YouTube users are protesting the new widescreen player. The new YouTube widescreen player was quietly introduced recently without any bugs.

First it was the big UI change of Facebook that people protested, now this.

*gets on soapbox*

PEOPLE OF THE INTERNET. Change happens for a reason. A lot of thought are put into web technologies. If you can’t handle these progressive changes please choose between not logging on or limit your internet viewing to Both options assure no progressive UI changes will occur in your daily internet surfing.

*steps down*

Why I hate MySpace

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After Thanksgiving lunch, everyone was just lying around. I got bored and went to my computer room. In there I saw my cousin browsing his MySpace friends. Here’s what he showed me.

CAUTION: You may get a Pokemon seizure.

RANT: Why Do People Still Use MySpace?

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Can someone answer that for me?  As a Web Designer by day, it is my job to create web sites and ads that look good.  Websites and ads that have an artistic direction while pushing a point forward.

But why in the heck would ANYONE give just ANY Joe the power to *pretend* they have skill in this art? Flash music players playing audio on top of flash video players playing videos. Background animated gifs. Backgrounds with the same color as the main text color. Confusing layouts! STUPID MOUSE CURSOR FOLLOWERS!

AHHHH!! This is why I call MySpace the SH*T hole of the internet and why I love Facebook. Facebook gives people what they want from a social networking site and NEVER gives anyone but REAL designers/developers a way to design and code things in the site.

Ok, I’m done ranting. What are you thoughts on MySpace today?