Nintendo Game Boy inducted to the Toy Hall of Fame

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Congratulations to Nintendo for getting their Game Boy inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame.  I remember the first time I saw one of these bad boys. I couldn’t believe my eyes while watching my next door neighbor play Super Mario Land. I kept thinking to myself. Wow. This is Nintendo! But this is Nintendo that you can walk around with. Amazing!

The Game Boy has laid down the ground work for every advanced mobile gaming device and deserves this place in history.

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How NOT to sell a Wii on the Home Shopping Network

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Oh, Home Shopping Network.  Every time you fail, there is someone with a DVR and an internet connection to amplify that fail.  In the video above, two sales people are trying to get you to buy a Nintendo Wii with all these included accessories that you don’t need. Why is it unnecessary? Go 4 minutes and 50 seconds into the video to find out.

VGXpo, Day 2

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Saturday, October 10th.  VGXpo, Day 2.  My review of Day 1 was lukewarm, at best.  Much has changed for Day 2.  Some parts for much betters, others for worse.  I’ll touch on a few key products and services I saw that actually caught my eye, though they were few and far between, as well as some misadventures and terribadness that kept things from running as smoothly as possible.  More after the break!

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Throwback Thursday: Caveman Games

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How appropriate that as I write this post for today’s Throwback, one of the top trending topics on Twitter is “Good old NES Games.”

Today’s throwback was thought up when a couple of the PixelatedGeek crew got together last weekend at Dave & Busters. We all started talking about tech, video games, internets etc etc.  But then the topic of the conversation went towards a direction I loved. Retro games. Now, I thought I was only one of the few that knew or even played this game called “Caveman Games.”  But, I think it was James and Andrew that played it. So, it was nice to know that someone knew what I was talking about. If you don’t know what Caveman Games is, go past the break. Read On