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Top 5 Playstation 3 Exclusives

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Top 5 Playstation 3 Exclusives

When the Playstation 3 debuted many people lamented its ridiculous price and the lack of games.  Since then Sony has gone on to lower the price as well as give their audiance some amazing exclusives.  Here are my top 5 Playstation 3 exlusives.

5)Little Big Planet


Sackboy will steal your girlfriend


Little Big Planet is the cutest game you will probably ever play.  That might turn off some gamers.  But this game is more than a bunch of cute pictures on a box (I’m looking at you Petz: Puppies night out).  Little Big Planet offers a colorful engaging world that is near impossible to not enjoy.  The game’s platforming elements are unique and the world in a shoebox effect brings about creative new level design. Plus it is one of those games that everyone seems to enjoy, and since it includes four player co-op everyone can enjoy it together.  Now that Little Big Planet 2 has been unofficially announced we can look forward to more adventures with Sackboy and friends.

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Nathan Drake meets Prince of Persia

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PoPNolan North, the voice actor behind the infamous Nathan Drake, has been busy. His new role as the voice behind Ubisoft’s upcoming Prince of Persia game was apparently inspired by North’s portrayal of Uncharted’s hero Drake. When asked why the Prince sounded like the American Drake, Ben Mattes stated:

“When we were designing the character of The Prince and trying to identify his personality, the two characters we returned to most often were Han Solo and Indiana Jones. Both, of course, played by Harrison Ford. Nolan North showed in his characterization of Nathan Drake an uncanny resemblance to Indiana Jones both in terms of tone and delivery.”

So it looks as though we may be hearing more of North in the future what with his role in Uncharted 2 and possibly more action games of that genre. A quick look at his IMDB profile shows many voice acting roles in video games under his belt and it’s pretty obvious why.

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