Real Talk – S.O.P.A. & P.I.P.A.

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Real Talk – S.O.P.A. & P.I.P.A.

We don’t want to live in a world of censorship. We don’t want people to tell us what we can and cannot say. We don’t want a government so afraid of its people that it threatens to restrict their voices.

If I can buy a shotgun in Walmart I sure as hell want to be able to speak my mind in the public forum.

Now in all fairness, I realize the intent of bills like the Stop Online Piracy Act (and its sibling bill the Protect Intellectual Property Act) are, funnily enough, to stop piracy and not to silence the voices of the people, but given even the most haphazard perusal, S.O.P.A. reveals itself as a gigantic, misguided, bloody Trojan Horse of a farce. Anyone with the slightest familiarity with the internet knows beyond a shadow of a doubt the war against internet piracy will not be won with a sheet of paper full of labyrinthine phrasing and rich old white men’s signatures.

And any fool can see the real danger behind its well-intentioned if incredibly-misguided intent.

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