Star Trek Original Phaser & Communicator

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For all you Trekkies out there (don’t be ashamed, here at Pixelated Geek we don’t judge) your Christmas gifts are now set with the release of the new Star Trek (TOS) Phaser and Communicator set. This new set, unlike previous efforts features sounds, lights and a real likeness to the props used in the Original Series.

Features include:


  • 4 power settings (stun to kill) with effects to boot
  • Light control knob
  • a Flip up sight for when accuracy is a must
  • Overload function with explosion effects
  • Detachable Type 1 phaser (with full effects!)


  • Full size replica with all the right effects
  • Moving moire pattern
  • Hailing function (Enterprise call back after a delay of 5secs)
  • Flip open metal grill
  • Over 20 sound effects/phrases including the classic “Spock here, Captain.”

A gift for any true fan, an ideal stocking filler, make that special Trekkie of yours happy. Available from Think Geek for the bargain price of $39.99.

[Via Gizmodo UK]