Top 5 Villians in Gaming

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Top 5 Villians in Gaming
Villains. Can’t live with them, can’t live when they conquer the world and murder you. But still, we need that special someone who can light a fire in our hero, as well as get his face punched in. So here are my top five villains in gaming. (Special shout out to Bobby Kotick from Activision. So evil but alas, not digitized)

5)The Joker

I just don't understand why some people hate clowns

When Batman Arkham Asylum was first announced people were weary. Batman games haven’t exactly been great in the past. In fact many of the games make Batman and Robin look like Citizen Kane.

No lie, I loved this when I was eight.

So when the good people at Rocksteady dropped a bomb of awesomesauce all over us with the release of Batman Arkham Asylum we were, needless to say, surprised. The game was amazing from head to toe but the feature that stood out the most was Mark Hamil’s performance as The Joker. At once hilarious and terrifying his voice acting had viewers glued to the television set. Everyone knew Joker was a great villain (some may say the greatest of all time) but we hadn’t seen him fully realized in video game form. With Arkham Asylum, and the upcoming sequel, he earned a place on this list.

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