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family-playing-video-games-thumb9281634In response to Aaron’s article:

tl;dr – Blame the parents. Positive gaming exists. The media just likes to focus on anything to can shed a bad light on.

James M.:

Its hard to prove intent, but asside from Americas Army games, most devs aren’t in the biz of death. People and parents are the end all for responsibility. A game that teaches can be positive… dependent on message …. aka teaching intolerance etc. is an example of a BAD influence.


Quite frankly, I do not believe so. To say games can cause people to hurt others is just a way bad parents excuse their kid’s delinquent behavior. The root of the cause can be traced back to negligent parents who don’t bother teaching their kids right from wrong or real from make believe. There was a time that parents didn’t want kids watching Power Rangers out of fear that it would make them violent and want to fight. Same finger pointing, new target.

I think gaming can teach many things. It is an interactive medium and can draw people in. A game with a positive message or moral can make a game more than just something people play.

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