Top 5 Sidekicks in Gaming

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Batman has Robin, Sherlock had Watson, the Lone Ranger had Tonto, even Van Wilder had Taj. The point is we all need somebody to lean on. Or blame. So here are my top five sidekicks in gaming in this week’s “The List”.

5) The dog in Fable 2

Man's best friend.....or nightmare. It's a game of choices

Fable 2 is a huge open world game full of choices for our hero, or villain, to make. And weren’t those choices more fun with your trusty dog there? I was a huge fan of the helpful canine, he could sniff out treasure for crying out loud. That’s the most money you’ll make off of a dog that doesn’t have the ability to talk. He made the world seem a little less lonely. A worthy and useful companion for the adventure. Plus he helped out with picking up the ladies.

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