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Movie Issues: Shaft

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Movie Issues: Shaft

So this week the guys wanted to talk about one bad mother- SHUT YOUR MOUTH! That’s right, we’re just talking about Shaft.

We watched 2000’s Shaft, staring the man himself: Samuel L. Jackson. This time we sit down and discuss why Sam Jackson is the man, and why we love him. Also on the agenda: we address many of the huge movie rumors that have been running around on the Internet this week.

So download this podcast, get yourself a beer, sit back, relax and enjoy Shaft. Because he is one bad mother-.

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Which Nick Fury do you preffer?

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With the a new Nick Fury movie slated for production and rumors of Samuel L. Jackson to play the lead I brought my self to wonder “who do I like better as Nick Fury?” Now don’t get me wrong. I love Sam Jackson. The guy is incredible and I’m sure that he’d do a great job. My heart though, tells me to go with The Hoff in any situation regardless of what the role might be.

Besides, I heard that Marvel is low balling that shit out of Mr. Jackson anyway and that his casting may not even be a reality. So I want to know who you would preffer as Nick Fury.

Sam Jackson as Nick Fury

Sam Jackson

The Hoff as Nick FuryThe Hoff!