Shirt.Woot – Player 2: A Love Story

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Are you an uber geek? Do you have a crush on someone or already have that significant other? Then grab this shirt from Shirt.Woot now before it sells out! This awesome poem and design was made by Woot user, haxrox, is very creative and is here just in time for Valentines Day. The poem reads:

Plumbers are red,
Hedgehogs are blue,
Push start to join,
and be my player 2.


Monday Giveaways: 3 Intel Shirts [CLOSED]

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Welcome to Monday Giveaways! Every Monday we’ll be giving away video games and other random swag.

This week’s prize: Free Intel T-Shirt
Three (3) T-Shirts. One (1) per winner


About the prize: Intel gave us a couple shirts to giveaway. All three shirts are XL.  Two of them say “Go ahead, try to blame the lag.”  One of them has the sign of “No Camping.”

Thanks to: Intel Gaming

All you have to do is tweet why you love reading @PixelatedGeek, then post the link to that tweet in the comments below. Don’t got/like the Twitters? Then do it on your Facebook and post the link to it in comments below. Contest closes at 11:59 PM (pacific). Winners chosen randomly and will be announced the next morning.

New Jinx Warcraft Fall '09 line featured Three Worgen Moon shirt

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Jinx, creators of some of the best gamer/nerd/geek apparel and accessories has some out with their a new Fall 2009 line of Warcraft merchandise.  Most notable about this seasons line is the Three Worgen Moon shirt.  I just think its very funny how this type of t-shirt has mutated.  First it was just a funny thing to do on the Amazon comments about the original Three Wolf Moon shirt.  Then it morphed with the keyboard cat meme, and now Jinx takes it to the next step with a Worgen, one of the newest races in World of Warcraft. Great job, Jinx! Keep the lulz and great designs coming!

[via Jinx]