CES 2010: Panasonic Press Conference

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Well we are finally in Vegas and it’s time for our first conference. Panasonic conference had a variety of interesting products. The conference started with Fumio Ohtsubo doing a Live HD Video Conference from Japan. The beauty of the conference is that it was on the TV using their HD Visual Communication System. It features Full HD 1080p Video and 360 HD Audio. It’s supposed to be a pretty affordable system. From what we were shown it looked great. The quality seemed top notch and looks like something that most businesses would adopt.

More from the CES press conference after the break.

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AT&T allows VoIP on 3G

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skype-iphone-app No need to rub your eyes this morning or do a double take upon reading that headline.  It is true. AT&T has lifted the gate on VoIP iPhone apps that want to use the 3G networks.  iPhone apps like Skype were unable to make phone calls if not connected via a WiFi network.  It made sense to me why AT&T didn’t allow it.  VoIP totally bypasses the regular billing of minutes used for a phone call over the cellular network.  But now they are letting VoIP iPhone apps make those phone calls through their 3G networks.

Don’t expect VoIP apps to work over 3G networks today though.  Just expect it to happen soon. This is the first time I’ll be saying this on this site, but… Thank you AT&T.

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Skype App for iPhone on Tuesday, Blackberry in May

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Skype is coming to the iPhone on Tuesday and BlackBerry devices in May. While we’ve seen plenty of Skype-capable apps on the iPhone, the poor, often echo-infected calls should be easily bested by the official Skype App that doesn’t need the extra audio transcoding workaround required by the existing crop of unofficial apps. Read On

Confirmed: Skype Available in AppStore Tuesday

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Big news iPhone and iPod Touch owners!  The free VoIP (voice over IP) server, Skype has announced that sometime Tuesday, thier App will be available.  Here’s a quick rundown:

  • App will be available for download this Tuesday
  • You can chat and use the VoIP if connected on WiFi
  • You can only use the chat If connected via Edge or 3G
  • Taking a photo with the app is only for setting your avatar
  • iPod Touch owners need to have earphones with a built in mic
  • You cannot start a conference call, but you can be invited to one

Here are some features not yet implemented:

  • SMS
  • Start a conference call
  • File Transfers
  • Skype voicemail

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Skype for iPhone Possibly Coming Soon

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While still unoffical and a rumor, GigaOM reports Skype for iPhone client will be launched as early as next week, and with CTIA kicking off on April 1st, we’d say the timing is just about ideal. Of course, we’ve already seen a variety of alternatives for bringing Skype and other VoIP apps to Apple’s phone, but by and large, they’ve been very unimpressive. Read On