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iStat Menus 2.0 Released

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If you recently upgraded to Snow Leopard you might have noticed a couple of programs not working. One program in particular and one I use daily was iStat Menus. Well you in luck cause today version 2.0 makes it debut. If you’ve never tried iStat Menus I would suggest taking it for a spin, it essentially let’s you monitor your computer from Heat to Upload and Downloads speeds. It becomes pretty useful especially during these hot summer days.


Snow Leopard to Upgrade or Not?

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While I would have to admit how pumped I am for Snow Leopard, at the same time I’m a little concerned. I use my Macbook Pro daily for work and I need it running in tip top order. I’ve already started doing some research concerning the compatibility of my favorite and most used Applications. It seems that Parallels should be in the clear but what about other programs? Apparently there are questions though regarding Photoshop CS3. Supposedly Adobe has tested it but there are some conflicting reports. Here’s hoping everything works but then of course that’s the problem with being an early adopter.


Snow Leopard officially landing on 28th August

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A global Apple Store outage has heralded a brand new Snow Leopard order page with matching 28th August release date. For the bargain price of $29 Intel-based Mac owners can get their 10.6 on with all the preformance benefits this streamlined release has in store. Apart from anything else, MacBook owners will be pleased with the extra 6Gb of space they’ll gain after the install compared to leopard.

So what are you waiting for? Head to your local Apple Store and get your pre-order on!

Perian pref pane updated for Snow Leopard

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Perian114Perian the Swiss army knife of QuickTime components has just been updated to 1.1.4. A relatively minor update with the stand out features being DTS passthrough and support for 10.6. Those looking forward to Snow Leopard like I am can now rest assured that Perian will follow us through the update. I’m not sure how many people still use QuickTime for playback these days with VLC having just hit the big 1.0 but I still find it better for playback of a few odd files.

To get the update just open up the Perian preference pane and run check for updates or jump on over to for a direct download.

WWDC '09 Keynote Bingo

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So WWDC is in full swing, fancy new developer stuff sprouting from left, right and center. The keynote that kicked it all off is probably the most talked about event at WWDC and it delivered on many fronts debunking rumours and confirming suspicions. As with all Apple announcements the air of secrecy that Apple manages to protect makes forcasting what’s coming like playing bingo.

Hit the read link to see how we did this year.

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OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard only $29!

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Bargain basement pricing for the next iteration of the Mac operating system.

Today Apple announced that Snow Leopard, the stripped down, consolidated update to OSX which builds apon the switch to Intel chips with new streamlined and optimised code and technology will be available for a credit-crunch busting $29.

Leveraging new accelerated technologies including a new version of QuickTime, full 64Bit integrated apps and the new Safari 4 browser along with some nice additions to the Dock and Expose. Snow Leopard looks to be a welcome upgrade to an already solid platform.