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Facebook copies Twitter with @mentions

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Facebook has been busy lately, first introducing Facebook Lite, a stripped down simple version of the site for those who don’t want to wait or sift through the main site. The second introduction today is the inclusion of @mentions in status updates. Taking a page from Twitter, people can tag their friends in updates using the @ tag to induce a user selection screen. The @ symbol isn’t actually displayed in the update, but it just goes to show that the @mentions that started first with Twitter have transcended the social networking site to become a more universally recognised tag.

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Digg turns to Twitter, Facebook and email for spreading the word

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As per their announcement in the Town Hall video last week, Digg has removed the shout feature that was used to promote links across the Digg site. To get into the upper eschalons of Diggdom a network of friends across the site was required. Shouting allowed you to push your Digg links across your network of friends allowing you to promote something that you’re keen on or have a vested interest in seeing high in the rankings.

By removing shouts from Digg and integrating with Twitter and Facebook Digg will be able to pull more visitors in from popular social networking sites, instead of just promoting to the already Digg faithful. It will also mean that the power base that sits with few users at the moment might be spread around a bit more across the flock. Hooking Digg into Twitter and Facebook is a smart move in my opinion as any hotly talked about stories on the social networking services can be translated into Digg hits and links drawing in more traffic and possibly making the service more useful to the uninitiated.

Time will tell what effect this has on the site and whether the social bookmarking site will gain more traffic from a wider audience.

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After Twitter Rejects Google, Might Get Bought By Apple

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So who gets to take Twitter to the buy-out prom?

It looks like ever since Twitter gave a no to Google, Apple has been trying to catch that rebound. TechCrunch reports, “Apple is in late stage negotiations to buy Twitter and is hoping to announce it at WWDC in June,” said a normally reliable source this evening, adding that the purchase price would be $700 million in cash.

Twitter, being the bad-asses they are, suggests that they aren’t even interested in selling. And in all honesty, that probably makes the big shot companies want that sweet tweet all that much more.

Keep playing hard to get, Twitter, – you sly fox, you.


Twitter at work?

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I'll have the numbers on your desk by 1600hrs

I'll have the numbers on your desk by 1600hrs

Are you one of those poor geeks that has his/her every move watched at work? Do you have an insatiable appetite for twitter? Then Spreadtweet might just be for you. By disguising your twitter stream as an excell workbook (Windows and OSX mimicking available) you can discretely tend to your twitterdom whilst Dave is none the wiser. Of course if your IT department has really got it in for you, or twitter for that matter, they can always hit you with the logs, but as general snooping Boss protection this is pretty good. Available for the cross-platform Adobe Air (love it or hate it) with skins for Office on OSX, Office 2003 and 2007 on Windows (sorry Linux users, maybe an Open Office skin might be in the works if you ask nicely?).

Available from Elliot Kimber for the grand old price of free (donations accepted) what have you got to lose?

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A Collection of April Fools Jokes Around the Web

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Here are links that we have collected from the best or creative April Fools jokes around the web:

(This list will be updated throughout the day.)

Nine Inch Nail’s New Album, Strobelight

Quake Live pokes fun at World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft’s Dance Battle System

Diablo 3’s Archivist

Jinx EXXXXXTREME Products (5 X’s)
YouTube Preview Image

Gmail’s CADIE help you respond to emails quicker

Kojima’s Next Metal Gear Solid

Digg’s random people and quotes

Reddit’s New Skin (Reddigg)

ThinkGeek’s Interactive Portal T-Shirt
YouTube Preview Image got us with the classic $3 Bag of Crap + $1,000,000.00 shipping

Expedia now offering Deep Space travel:
YouTube Preview Image

YouTube is turning their world upside down:
Just add &flip=1 to the end of any YouTube Link
YouTube April Fools Joke

Woopra introduces a new technology that will let you view your website user through their webcam:

The Pirate Bay and Warner Bros. Studios finally make peace and love:

is it MyFace, or MySpace, Barbara Walters?

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if you tried to go on Twitter, the night of March 2, 2009 and was not able to twitter to your hearts content, it was because Barbara Walters killed Twitter! (DUM DUM DUUUMM!!!)

that is right ladies and gentle-nerds. thats right. the morning of March 2, 2009 the ladies….nay! chickens of The View decided to talk about the internet…specifically Twitter. in short, the conversation turned to asking the question, why did people need to let everyone know what they were doing. “why do you people want to be on MyFace?” well, Babs, i therefore, ask you the question:

why do you not open your mouth, when you speak? the answer is, you just do,  just like us who twitter myspace, facebook, or blog!, we just do. we want to let everyone know what we are doing, we want to know what other people are doing! is that wrong?!

erroneous i tell you! erroneous! and because of your old fashion ways, ma’am! you’re minions, correction old ladies got curious and decided to break twitter, for the entire night. because of them, i couldnt update my status for 12 hours and i couldnt see what Olvia Munn was up to.

just to piss you off, ms. walters! im going to effing update my facebook status!  good night!


Google Joins Twitter

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Google has always been at the forefront of technology.  But, it’s just funny how long it took them to create an official account.  It just comes to show you that Twitter is the future of news and social media.  It has got to be one of the easiest ways to connect, communicate and network with new people.

I heard a saying once:

“Facebook is for the people you have already met.  Twitter is for the people you will meet.”

Start following Google now at Also, if you have a twitter account and want us to follow you, just start following us at

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It’s like writing on a HUGE chalkboard in cyberspace and no one will ever find out it was you who wrote it.  Twitter is quickly becoming THE place to find the news RIGHT at the moment it happens.  SecretTweet uses twitter as a way for people to shout out loud to atleast 10,600 of their followers.  All you have to do is go to , post your tweet and submit.  Now all those people will see it.  Nothing gets logged. Not even your IP.  Here are a couple of tweet from it:

“I act like I’m in love with my best girl friend just to pretend that I’m straight, when I’m actually in love with my best guy friend”

“If I have an abortion, I’ll never know which of my married lovers had an unsuccessful vasectomy”


“When I was little I saw a girl being dragged into bushes by 2 men & I said nothing. I’ve felt guilty about it all my adult life.”

As you can see, tweets are anything from humorous to shocking.  We’ll never know if the tweets are fact or ficiton, but it’s always interesting to see what people will say to 10,600 strangers online.