Finally, an iPhone App that lets you pee and email – Email 'n Walk

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If you’re one of those types of people that have many emails to send, receive, write, draft, and delete and not much time on your hands to get it all done, may we suggest the new Email ‘n Walk iPhone app.  This new app, by Phase2 Media, will make sure you know where you’re going or where you’re aiming your piss at while you write your emails.


Right now, the app can only create new emails.  Once you click send, the subject line and e-mail message is copied from the app, and put into the real e-mail app.  Once there, just select the recipient(s) and click the send button and your done.  Now you’ll no longer bump into people, bump into your dog that you’re walking, bump into lamp posts, or missing the urinal by a couple of inches while you draft up that e-mail that needs to go out ASAP.

E-mail ‘n Walk is free from the iTunes App store.

Is your Mac OSX Leopard Login screen boring? Change it.

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Isn’t it time you’ve changed your login screen wallpaper? Yes, it was pretty when you first booted up Leopard but now it’s old.  You need some new hotness on your desktop before you login or when you logout.  Well, a new simple app for your Mac is now available from Omid Pajuhideh at Loginox. As long as the picture you select is 2560 x 1600 and has a ratio 8/5, you can enjoy a different Login screen look. Try it out!

Product Review: Comodo Internet Security Pro.

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As some of you may have seen me mention before in previous posts and on my personal blog ( I always talk about different firewalls and anti-virus software you should use and not use. For example “Norton Internet Security = Fail.” For my family I always just recommend Comodo. It’s so simple, it dosn’t jack your computer up with all kinds of crazy notifications (i.e. Norton, Mcaffe) and It’s really simple to use.

Now Comodo has gone one step further with their Internet Security Suite and came out with Internet Security Pro. You’re probably saying to yourself “holy crap, I want to be pro!” I’m sure you do. I want you to be pro too. As some of you may be using Comodo Internet Security right now, you may already know about the firewall, the smooth anti virus program and the Proactive security. I know you’re probably saying “What the heck is Proactive Security” if you don’t have Comodo Internet Security. Proactive Security is just that. It Proactively protects the IMPORTANT system files on your computer like your registry and your OS root files. You know? The stuff that keeps your computer running.

With internet security pro they’ve added live support but have taken it to a whole different level. What you can do now is download the program and a Comodo security expert (if you choose) will setup Comodo Internet Sercurity for you remotely. From start to finish.

The nice people from Comodo were nice enough to send me a copy to try out. What I did was build a machine from a bunch of parts that I had laying around and installed Windows XP Service Pack 3. For nostalgias sake let’s call this computer “The Gibson” After The Gibson was setup, I placed it on a totally different network on a different ISP directly connected to an AT&T DSL modem/wirelessrouter. Activated everything and then powered up Darth Fader (My workhorse laptop) and tethered to my phone. Then talked to a couple of people and gave out the IP and we all tried standard attacks. Comodo stood up to standard attacks and logged everything.

For overall ease of use, product quality and defense I choose Comodo Internet Security Pro over process pigs like norton and mcafee. You barely notice it’s there. It runs it’s virus scans with little memory use and lets you know and logs all problems. Also just the fact that Comodos techs can fix your computer for you when you can’t figure out what’s really wrong is a big plus.

Two thumbs up for CIS Pro!





Compaq Laptops – Make Your Own Damn Recovery Discs

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Today was my nieces 13th birthday.  Because she is growing up and almost in high school my dad/her grandpa, bought her a compaq laptop.  Now, being the nice geek uncle I am, I told her I would help set it up for her. And by setup, I mean:

  • Install FireFox 3
  • Delete all Internet Explorer shortcuts
  • Install AVG
  • Uninstall Norton Antivirus 60day trial version
  • Stop all programs from launching when Windows starts up
  • Install Windows Updates
  • Install Adaware
  • Run Adware
  • Make recovery discs

Wait, wtf? Make recovery discs? Yes. I had to make recovery discs because the box didn’t come with one.  Instead it came with this paper:

restore_cd_failMy first thought after reading this was, “Since when did this type of thing started happening?” Then I thought, “This isn’t a good feature at all.  What if the hard drive completely dies?”  You wouldn’t be able to do a full recovery when you put in a new hard drive. Or would you?  So, just to make sure, I created those recovery discs. What surprised me was that it took 2 DVDs and 2 hours to create them.

It was no big deal to me.  I just kept playing Street Fighter 4 on Xbox Live while the recovery discs were created.  But all these procedures to get a PC laptop running out of the box and smoothly completely made me hate Windows even more and OS X less.

Out of the box, OS X takes less than 30 minutes to setup.  That’s even with the software updates.

Conficker Worm?!?! Do not let your computer catch the HIV.

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So the big news on the Internet besides all the April fools jokes right now is this worm. Now, I know most of you have no idea what a worm actually does so I’ll explain that first.

You’re probably sitting there saying shit like “A worm is a virus” right? Well you’re wrong. A VIRUS attaches itself to existing programs kind of like cancer. It could be malignant, it could be benign. It just depends if that virus ever gets to where it’s needs to go to work properly.

A worm is it’s own shit (by shit I mean program.) It knows exactly what it’s going to do and where it’s going. Worms are automated to spread themselves collecting data along the way.  Worms are smart and create drone computers to act as send/receive stations then end up doing things like sending out porn to the e-mail lists the worms collected along the way or sending out more worms.  These drones are called the Botnet.

So here’s the big deal. The current estimated botnet for Conficker, possibly 12 Million computers.  So if there’s a Botnet of 12 Million computers do you know what kind of crazy attack that could be? Superior Pwnage. Conficker has been attacking systems for months.

What does Conficker do right now? Well it has been known to attack NetBios, and removable media. Downloads and uploads to different servers (what? I don’t know, whatever it finds on your computer), Blocks DNS lookups, stops auto update and destroys your antivirus/antispyware. (Now that I think about it I know a couple people that may have had Conficker… hahaha now I’m laughing out loud)

So Microsoft is offering a $250,000 dollar reward leading to the arrest/prosecution of the creator. What they probably should be doing, is offering the creator $250,000 cash money and a job working on windows security fixes. That would be the SMART thing to do.

vakgjycwu7lbiv2aixm1lxfi_400That’s right you dumb broad. It did. But if you listen to me we can prevent that.

OK, so how can YOU stop the worm? Honestly YOU probably can’t STOP the worm. It’s like having sex with a condom. There’s a good chance that you won’t get the HIV wearing a condom, but there’s still a chance you could get it… So here’s your prophylactics for your computer:

1. Don’t open e-mail from people you don’t know. That’s the most stupid thing you could do. Every e-mail is a file. Who goes around opening files when they don’t know what that shit even does?

2. Stop looking at free porn sites. There’s no such thing as free. Everything comes with a price. In the case of free porn sites the most common price you pay is a huge influx of malware.

3.  Don’t have any open shared folders, make sure you password that shit up on your network.

4.  Make sure you have a dope firewall like Comodo or  even a router with a good firewall (if you never leave your house with you computer). Guess what? WINDOWS FIREWALL WORKS GOOD TOO. Also look in to Zone Alarm.

5. Password your shit up. Is your shit passworded up? Well when you start your computer do you have to enter a password? If you said no, your shit isn’t passworded up.

There’s so many things I could tell you to do but whatever.

Oh just cause you got or get one of these…


or one of these…


or these…


Shit, even if you have one of these…

macbook-pro-24-carat-gold-1don’t think this can’t happen…


Cause I will laugh at you like this…


So follow my rules.

Confirmed: Skype Available in AppStore Tuesday

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Big news iPhone and iPod Touch owners!  The free VoIP (voice over IP) server, Skype has announced that sometime Tuesday, thier App will be available.  Here’s a quick rundown:

  • App will be available for download this Tuesday
  • You can chat and use the VoIP if connected on WiFi
  • You can only use the chat If connected via Edge or 3G
  • Taking a photo with the app is only for setting your avatar
  • iPod Touch owners need to have earphones with a built in mic
  • You cannot start a conference call, but you can be invited to one

Here are some features not yet implemented:

  • SMS
  • Start a conference call
  • File Transfers
  • Skype voicemail

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