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New Star Trek Trailer is out now!

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Ok. I have to admit something.  I never was or ever have been a Trekkie.  But after watching this trailer, it’s making me want to become one.  I hope the hardcore Trekkies wont mind a bunch of noobs calling themselves Trekkies after seeing this and the movie.

Star Trek come out in theathers May 8th 2009.

Bravo Mr. Abrams.  You have just made this year of movies much more epic.

[update] For the HD version, head on over to the official website.

Beam me up Scottie!

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When I saw this, that’s all I could think of, an Original Series Communicator replica that not only looks authentic but actually does something useful (unlike the Original Phaser). A cleverly disguised USB VoIP/Skype phone that works with XP, Vista or OSX and comes complete with a speakerphone, mute and volume controls as well as a good assortment of Trek sounds. Available in April from Dream Cheeky, if you have a need for a skype phone then go get your inner Trekkie on, we won’t judge, I promise.

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Star Trek Original Phaser & Communicator

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For all you Trekkies out there (don’t be ashamed, here at Pixelated Geek we don’t judge) your Christmas gifts are now set with the release of the new Star Trek (TOS) Phaser and Communicator set. This new set, unlike previous efforts features sounds, lights and a real likeness to the props used in the Original Series.

Features include:


  • 4 power settings (stun to kill) with effects to boot
  • Light control knob
  • a Flip up sight for when accuracy is a must
  • Overload function with explosion effects
  • Detachable Type 1 phaser (with full effects!)


  • Full size replica with all the right effects
  • Moving moire pattern
  • Hailing function (Enterprise call back after a delay of 5secs)
  • Flip open metal grill
  • Over 20 sound effects/phrases including the classic “Spock here, Captain.”

A gift for any true fan, an ideal stocking filler, make that special Trekkie of yours happy. Available from Think Geek for the bargain price of $39.99.

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Star Trek

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For all of you Trekkies out there, I hope you’re prepared. Whether that preparation is for one of the best movies of 2009 or a total failure we have yet to learn.  But my hopes are high. J.J. Abrams, the director, is not to be taken lightly he is known for producing Lost, Cloverfield and number of other T.V shows and films. Although, I’m sure there is a lot of speculation as to whether he can really pull this off. But with actors like Zachery Quinto playing Spock (Sylar in Heroes) and Eric Bana playing Scotty (The Hulk) where can you go wrong?

There is, however, a bit of drama surrounding this film. William Shatner, the original Kirk, is rumored to have said that he hopes the movie will bomb. I believe this is due to the fact that he desperately wants a role in it, along with old time co star Leonard Nimoy (original Spock). There is much talk about the two of them making an appearance in the film but have made it very clear that it better be more than just a cameo. Personally, I would love to see them both in the movie as long as they leave their “has been” attitudes behind.

The movie is said to release May 8, 2009 a day you should all mark on your calenders!

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Star Trek: Insurrection

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This should be review enough for most Trek aficionados: It’s the better of the odd-numbered movies, but it is definitely an odd-numbered movie.

When the Next Generation series was on, the Jonathan Frakes-directed episodes were always fun ones. Frakes-helmed Star Trek: First Contact (the movie with the Borg) is my favorite of the 9, even more than the whale one. But Jonathan has been away from the helm too long, methinks. Some of this movie smacked of reunions and inside joke scrapbooks and glory days. This is all good for those of us who miss the Next Generation, such as myself. The funny bits are very funny, welcome reminders of the great chemistry that cast had together and the sense of fun they injected into every episode. This has been robbed of them in the two previous NG films, with Data getting an emotion chip too soon and the crew being divided up by plot. So now we get lots of amusing and endearing and fun moments wedged into some pure-dee Old Trek style moralizin’ and butt-whippin’.

Picture Kirk on a planet with a fountain of youth, snapping the Prime Directive in two as he keeps Mean Old Capitalism (thinly disguised) from destroying these nice innocents. OK, now make it Picard, but be sure to keep the inevitable Kirkesque romance with the colonist woman. Add a dash of F. Murray Abraham and of course the vastly superior acting skills of the crew of NC1107-E and you have Insurrection. Insurrection is trying to be every Trek episode – the funny ones and the kick ass ones, the Old Trek moralizing with the New Trek sensitivity and class. The unevenness you may experience may come from trying to integrate all these aspects into one film. I guess every one feels like their last chance, especially the way non-team-player Brent Spiner (Data) makes it harder and harder to get him signed on. Data finally gets to be the Data we all loved on the small screen – no stupid emotion chip getting “smiling Spock” cheap laughs and no re-programmable turncoat/evil twin nonsense either. Data is the 24th century’s answer to Pinocchio and he finally gets to be that again *and* sing Gilbert and Sullivan.

Yes, Gilbert and Sullivan. Old Trek had its Spock proselytizing on rap music, and New Trek has frustrated theatre folk living in space. That’s the fun stuff, if you just sit back and let it happen. But Paramount won’t let them make an all-funny episode, so here comes the cool holographic stuff and the icky bad guys! Woo, how about some sharp-shootin’ and some authority-defiance! Yee-haw! But the film hops around the various directions without ever choosing one. It’s an episode, much like the X-Files movie was an episode, padded for your dollar but really just small and self-contained. I just hope the Paramount execs remember that it is always the odd ones that suck and the even numbered ones that are good and let them make another one.

MPAA Rating PG-13
Release date 12/11/98
Time in minutes 103
Director Jonathan Frakes
Studio Paramount Pictures