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Review: 11/22/63

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Review: 11/22/63

The date doesn’t cause the instant recall for me that it does for my parents’ generation, but the Kennedy assassination (and an idea of how to stop it) has obviously been on Stephen King’s mind for a long while. King started researching this book back in the 1970’s, but had to put the project on hold when he realized he wouldn’t have time to do the research it would need and hold down a full-time job. After a forty-year writing career he has the time and the skill for it now, and it shows. He’s also come up with the oddest time-travel method I’ve seen; an accidental portal, hidden in the back of a diner, leading to 1958. If that sounds a little simplistic, think of everything you could do with a door to 1958. Now think about the fact that each and every time you step through that portal it’s 1958.  The same day in 1958. I spent the rest of the book waiting to see just how that was going to mess with the characters. No spoilers, but the answer is: badly.

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