State of Play: The Impossibility of Teamwork

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State of Play: The Impossibility of Teamwork

Nothing infuriates me more than failure in a game thanks to another gamer’s total lack of cooperation.

Or to be more precise, when I die because XxXSniprnoobz420XxX over there didn’t bother to turn around when his motion sensor announced an enemy coming around the corner. Why are even the rudiments of teamwork so impossible so impossible for the general gaming population to grasp?

Most of us have been at the mercy of uncooperative teammates – a boss fight with an unruly party, a gunfight against the enemy team, or just trying to train enough marines to hold off a zergling rush. You look to your fellow gamers for aid requiring half a second of their attention, but they gleefully keep slamming themselves against the proverbial brick wall, all play snipers when you need front-line combatants, or hoard resources while the invasion bears down on the group. It almost feels like they’re out to hurt the team as a whole, ignoring everything beyond their own self-interest even in games where teamwork offers a measurable benefit.

No matter the situation, these dead weights find a way to hurt themselves and every other unfortunate meat bag cast with them by the Fates and the cruel mercies of the random number god.

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