WCG Holiday Heroes III

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WCG Holiday Heroes III

This weekend, December 11-12 in New York City, World Cyber Games (WCG) kicked off its third annual Holiday Heroes tournament, focusing on Halo: Reach. Teams had to meet at 9AM for check-in at the Samsung Experience and, soon after, the gaming had begun. There were about twelve teams, and each faced a double elimination. When a certain team was called, it would play a total of three matches, in which two of them were team death matches, and the other was capture the flag. The players had the opportunity to borrow Astro Gaming headsets, providing the best quality of gaming a player can have. All teams were sure to have their game-faces on, considering they were fighting for some pretty sweet prizes.

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New Madcatz Tournament Sticks and Gamepads

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Photos from Shoryuken forum troll, ohgee, snapped the photo above of a new Street Fighter 4 tournament stick design. It looks like Madcatz and GameStop will be pushing out more tournament stick and gamepad designs for you fighting game junkies. For more photos of the new designs, go past the break.  There is also a (Disney/)Marvel VS Capcom 2 design. Read On

Capcom will be selling stuff

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500x_FFIn Capcoms debut PAX appearance, Capcom will be coming out of the gate with an exclusive tournament stick and a Street fighter 4 T-Shirt.  If you don’t have a PAX ticket, then you’re already shit out of luck.

The Street Fighter 4 tournament stick will feature the women from SF4 and have a purple trim for your girly, gay, or metro side of you.

The other item they will be selling is a different color combination of a unique SF4 shirt design.  The shirt is designed to look like an old boxing match flier between Vega and Balrog.  The color combination might be a gray background with blue ink.


The tournament stick will be going for a wallet burning $159.99.  We aren’t sure yet on the price of the shirt.  If you want any of these limited edition items, get your butt over to the Capcom booth early.

Oh and if you see some guy demo-ing Monster Hunter, tell him “Jamie isn’t even being cool anymore.”

Paradise Hills Showdown 3.1 – Photos and 1v1 Finals Video

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To sum up Paradise Hills Showdown 3.1 in one word, it would be unexpected.  When I found out that the tournament was going to be held at someones house a.k.a “dojo”, already my mind was prepared for a small tournament with less than 20 people.  When entering the “dojo” 2 hours late, there was a lot more than 20 people.  There was so many people that a full bracket of 64 players were signed up and playing. Inside the family room, there where 4 TVs and 4 PS3s setup.  In the backyard, there were 3 more TVs and PS3s.  The place was filled with that competitive “smell” and excitement.

People from all over southern California came down to the event for the fun and excitement. But what were all these fighters playing for? $400 in cash.  Go past the break to watch the Grand 1v1 Finals between Somuchdamage (Los Angeles) and ShadyK (San Diego) and photos from the event. Read On

Street Fighter 4 National Tournament in San Francisco – RESULTS

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Jamie is currently at the finals of the GameStop/Capcom Street Fighter 4 National Tournament in San Francisco. She has been there all day and has just called in with the two people that have made it to the finals. But first, here is the list of players that made it to the tournament:

Plano, Texas – David Hem – C.Viper
San Jose, California – Chris “CSB” – Balrog
Chamblee, Georgia – Mike Ross – E.Honda – RUNNER-UP
New York, New York – Justin Wong – Rufus – CHAMPION
Irondequoit, New York – Rahsaan “EvilRahsaan” – Dhalsim
Glendale, Arizona – Juicebox Abel – Abel
Chicago, Illinois – Ari “Floe” Weintraub – Sagat
Tukwila, WA – Jason “A-Dhalsim” Cole – Balrog – SECOND RUNNER-UP
Louisville, Kentucky – Jason “DreamTR” Wilson – M. Bison
Bloomington, Minnesota – Kyle “Coyotegrey” – Zangief
New Jersey, New Jersey – Christian “CapMaster” O’Hanlon – Sagat
Orlando, Florida – Trent “GimmeThemShoes” Vandeven – ???
La Place, Louisiana – “jakob002” – M. Bison
Halethorpe, Maryland – Eric “Ramza” Kim – Sagat
Maumee, Ohio – Antwan Ortiz – Balrog – SECOND RUNNER-UP

Michael Ross VS Justin Wong. – Finalists

One will be using E. Honda, and the other will be using Rufus. More on this story as it unfolds. Here is a video of the final round:


Update: Justin Wong won using Rufus (4 to 1). Congratulations, he has just won the GameStop black belt.

Update: Justin moved on to play some champions from other countries.

Update: The international matches were a round robin. International finals happening now between Justin Wong and Daigo. Winner gets a trip straight to the EVO finals. Here is a video of the match:

Update: Daigo wins in a clean sweep. Congratulations to Daigo. Jamie will post photos from the event when she can.

Picture of trophy, linked from Capcom Unity.