Dead or Alive Paradise [Trailer]

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Now you can take your pervyness everywhere on your PSP.  If you can’t tell by this trailer, the game is all about mini games you play to earn money. In the mini games, you use your favorite Dead or Alive female character.  Each game gives you money thaty ou can spend in a store to buy bikinis.

Basically its a game so you can play with virtual dolls. Enjoy the trailer pervs.

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Super Street Fighter 4 – Final Box Art, New Trailer, And Release Date

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Capcom has released more Super Street Fighter 4 goodies.  Below is the final box art for both the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, above is the new trailer, and the following text is the release date for the game. April 27th. As you may or may not already know, Super Street Fighter 4 will bring a couple of new characters into the mix; Yuri, as well as bringing back some old faces; Cody, T-Hawk, and Dee-jay. It seems like Capcom went all out on this new game.

Get your tournament sticks ready, this year’s Evo should be interesting.

Mass Effect 2 – New Trailers

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Mass Effect 2 is hitting stores January 26 2010, if you played the first you know that it is going to melt your face off with pure space joy/guns/ missions/ and alien interactions (wink wink).

From a preview stand point here are some reasons why it will be the first major game of the decade and most of it is due to Bioware developing a solid game and improving on that.

I can’t tell you how important storytelling is for a game that could well overtake your life. Mass Effect 2 could have been a great game where you fly around a shoot stuff, but because of the story it was a game that you CARED about where you went and what you shot. I’m not going to spoil parts of the game with people who haven’t played it, but in the first there are some truly heartbreaking and tough calls you have to make as Shepard. This time around it seems a lot darker and more grit than Clint Eastwood making coffee. Will this direction effect the grand arc of the story poorly or be and added bonus? I’ll bet most people are fine with this change, and I am as well as long as it is supported in the story and not badass for badass’ sake.

3 more new trailers past the break.

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Tekken movie trailer doesn't look half bad

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A video game movie that actually looks pretty good? Well, aside from the plot.  But does anyone actually play fighting games for the plot?  In the trailer above, most of the popular characters from the game, Tekken, have been costumed really well.  It doesn’t look like another Street Fighter flop. But then again, I really enjoyed Van Damme’s dancing skills.

Huh? That’s not from Street Fighter the movie? Well then. That movie did suck.

Tekken the movie releases this year. According to IMDB. What do you guys think? Worth a watch?

Halo Reach trailer seems "meh"

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Revealed in tonight’s Video Games Award show on Spike TV, the trailer for Halo‘s next sequel, “Reach“, is revealed. After watching it, all I have to say is “meh.”  I can’t help but have the feeling of Microsoft digging for more money through marketing and the franchise of Halo.  I foresee Microsoft doing the same marketing strategy for Reach just like they did for ODST. Make a big deal out of it and sell it as a standalone game rather than an expansion pack.

What do you guys think about the new trailer? Has it hit that spot in you that makes you want to wait in a midnight launch line for it? Or are you done with the franchise. Let us know in the comments.

Assassins Creed: Linage (Live Action Trailer)

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It seems like Ubisoft is taking a page right out of the Bungie/Microsoft Viral Marketing book.

  1. Make a live action short film based off of your video game
  2. Post it in three parts onto YouTube
  3. ???
  4. Profit

It worked for both Halo 3 and ODST.  I still love watching those films over and over. Something that brings the game to life.  Something that makes you want to see an actual live action movie, but hope they don’t and keep it short filmed and straight-to-web.

I can see high sales figures for Assassins Creed 2 from this high quality trailer. The first of 3 parts of the short film hits the web on Oct. 27th. Then the following two parts leading up to the release of Assassins Creed 2.