GOGIRL: Women Can Pee Standing UP!

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Ok, whats the saying?

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”?

As a fellow lady, I would never! EVER want to pee while standing up!

Sure, I get jealous at times, because guys are able to just point and shoot, but I wouldn’t want to carry that around with me in my purse.

Can you imagine a lady putting that into her carry on and being stopped by TSA? Or a mom trying to pull her wallet out of her purse and having that plastic….cup fly out and land on the floor?!

Not worth it. And besides, that would mean I would have to wash that every time I peed.

Thanks, but no thanks, I’d rather just tough it out and squat.

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Forza 3 will feature grocery getters!

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I can understand wanting to add variety to a game and it’s usually a welcome addition, but news that Turn 10 has added Luxury SUV racing in a serious racing sim caught me off guard. Is there a new race mode I haven’t heard about yet? A race to see who can get their bratty kids to soccer practice the quickest maybe?

I’m not sure I want to race in a Land Rover after tearing past the 200MPH mark in a Bugatti…but maybe that’s just me?

What do you guys think? Are you glad Forza 3 will feature SUV’s or do you think they should leave them out?


EDITOR’S NOTE: I just realized I used some form of the word ‘race’ way too much in this post. My apologies. Carry on…

Dorris Roberts Shoryuken greatness

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Sure Aliens in the Attic looks like a lame kids movie, but it’s got 78 year-old Dorris Roberts laying the smack-down like it’s nobodies business. Street Fighter style.

If you want to see the grandma from Everybody Loves Raymond pull off a text book 360 Power Hammer Shoryuken then watch the video below. Skip to around the 45 second mark to see her in all her geriatric kung-fu glory.

Bullet Proof Bra

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A new category for defensive clothing

A new category for defensive clothing

Bullet  proof bra, now that’s not something I thought I would type but the BBC is reporting that a 57 old woman from Detroit was saved by her bra from getting shot. The underwire deflected the bullet shot at her by a teenage gang who were breaking into the house next door and saw her through the window. The victim sustained injuries but was saved from serious injury through luck and a strong underwire.

Sgt Eren Stephens Bell told the Detroit News:

“We need to get some bulletproof vests made from that. It is some strong wire.”

The woman is said to recovering well from her ordeal. For the rest of us, maybe we should all start wearing underwired bras? I know people with moobs could sure use them!

Hit the read link for a video of a new report into the incident

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Man Beats Son for Sucking at a Video Game

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A man from the East Price Hill area in Cincinnati, Ohio, physically beat his six-year-old son for not playing a video game well.

Terry Taulbee, 50, was charged with domestic violence. He hit his son on his lower back and buttocks – it left a large red hand mark and the area is swollen.

The boy is currently with his mother. Brian Gregg, a spokesman for the Hamilton County Job and Family Services forbids contact between the father and son.

“We are investigating these allegations and looking into it, whether everyone is safe and healthy,” he said. “It is going to take some time to investigate and see what kinds of services are needed for the family.”