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Artist of the Week: Yaya Han

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Artist of the Week continues with this week’s featured artist Yaya Han. A recent guest on the Pixelated Podcast, Yaya has been a cosplayer/model for about 10 years. If you’ve ever attended a Convention you’ve probably seen Yaya. Be sure to check out her new website www.yayahan.com for more Cosplaying fun.

Artist of the Week: Yaya Han
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Tell us a bit about yourself?

Hello, my name is Yaya Han and I am a cosplay idol and costume designer currently residing in Atlanta, GA. I have been making costumes and modeling for over 10 years now and am one of the only cosplayers in the world to turn this hobbyist activity into a career. I guess you can say that I’m a household name in the world of geekdom. I travel world-wide to teach workshops and panels on costume making, and to judge contests and host events, not to mention constantly working on new costume projects. I have a lot of fun playing dress up every week but also work hard and never have a day off lol.

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Pixelated Podcast Ep.025 – Pixelated Broadcast LIVE with Yaya Han

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From this show on, we’ll be having more guest c0-hosts. Last night, we had the honor of having a Cosplay Idol, Ms. Yaya Han, as our first guest.  Yes, we did have her on our show before.  But, that was before we reformatted the show. Yaya has a new website out and it looks very beautiful, thanks to her very artistic friend, Meg.


Also, if you weren’t part of the live audience, you missed out on some free games. Congratulations to Krisikins for winning a free copy of Plants VS Zombies and to MrGlowsticks for winning Bob in Pieces.

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PixelatedLIVE Special Guest – Yaya Han

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Costume designer and cosplayer, Yaya Han, will be back on PixelatedLIVE this Monday night at 7:30pm Pacific. If you have any questions or you’re a big fan of her work, come on by to the live recording of the podcast to say hi. Yaya has a brand new website that is already live. If you’re a big fan of cosplay, fashion design and make-up art, go to her site and take a look.  Something might inspire you.

Yaya Han Cosplays as the Hottest Christie from Dead or Alive 4

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UPDATE: On May 13th, Yaya Han will be our LIVE guest on PixelatedLIVE. Click here for more information.


HOT DAMN. I would like to take this moment to say that the #1 cosplay girl on my Top 10 cosplayers should now be number 2.  Because #7 has taken her place as Christie from Dead or Alive 4.  I really don’t think video game related cosplay could get any hotter than this.  But, I wouldn’t mind if it did. For more info on Yaya Han, read her newly published interview at GotGame.com.

Reference Shots
christie-ref christie-ref2 christie-ref3

Yaya as Christie
christie2 christie3 christie4 christie7 christie8 christie9 christie10 christie12

Yaya fighting
christieayane christieayane2 christieayane3 christieayane4 christieayane7