The List: Sony Edition

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The List: Sony Edition

I want to do something a little different with this week’s list.  I am sure by now you have heard of the breach at Sony.  Unless you have been hiding under that proverbial rock, you have seen it somewhere.  When my mother has heard of “that PlayStation thing,” you know it is a big deal.

Obviously, the situation is ripe for comedy, and though that is usually what I aim for in my weekly Top 5’s, I feel that the market for that has already become over-saturated.  By now you have probably seen all the photo-shopped images with hilariously misspelled words that you can handle.  So for this week’s list, I want to simply hear from you, the fantastic Pixelated Geek readers, about the PlayStation Network.

So leaving out the comedic element of a giant corporation being taken down by a hacker this is a very serious issue that has major implications.  It has attracted a lot of press, and not the kind of press that gamers would like associated with gaming.

I for one have been shocked every time details have emerged on the breach.  I was an early PS3 adopter and I am a subscriber to PlayStation Plus.  I love my PS3.  To think that a corporation that large could have their data stolen that easily is an eyeopener.

Now Sony has revealed its make-up plan for the inconvenience they have caused gamers.  Do you think it was enough?  For me, who already uses PlayStation Plus, it seems like an okay plan.  Especially if the free downloads are quality titles.

So what I want to do with this weeks list is hear your thoughts on Sony’s make-up plan.  If you feel like venting a bit, that’s to be expected.  I just want to find out from fellow Sony lovers, and even Sony haters, what they think.

There is not really a precedent set for “our entire online element has been shut down due to a breach”.  What do you think of their contrition, and what would you like from Sony?  Sound off and let us know!