Freespace Films releases Starcraft: Final Metamorphosis

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Freespace Films releases Starcraft: Final Metamorphosis

Starcraft: Final Metamorphosis, a fan animation depicting various scenes from the Starcraft universe, is officially out today.

A medley of individual vignettes, Final Metamorphosis depicts ground-level battle scenes and moments mostly from the time period of the original Starcraft, accompanied by a voice-over narration by Kerrigan. Among the apparent scenes included are Kerrigan’s battle with Tassadar on the surface of Char (during the Starcraft Zerg campaign) orbital bombardment of a human world (Korhal, thereby setting in motion the entire campaign), battles between Zerg aerial morphs and Terran and Protoss capital ships, and the birth of the Protoss dark archon Ulrejaz.

Final Metamorphosis was produced by Cristian (Chris) “Freespace” Ciocotisan as a follow-up to another Starcraft animation, Starcraft: First Contact. It was two years in production and lasts around seven and a half minutes, featuring detailed CGI models, music, and voice acting.

UPDATE: The video has been pulled to correspond with a later release; we’ll have it up and available again as soon as possible.