Beware the Batman Teaser!

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Beware the Batman Teaser!

If you’ve listened to today’s Comic Issues Podcast, then you know that we were just talking about the DC Nation block of Cartoon Network.  Well it looks like Warner Bros. is tapping the CI phone lines, because a teaser was released today for the newest addition to their awesome animation library: Beware the Batman.

Beware the Batman will shake up the time-honored Batman cast, as his beloved butler and ex-secret-agent Alfred looks be given a larger, more active role. Taking Robin’s usual spot at Batman’s side will be Katana.  Together they’ll face off against newer villains like Prof. Pyg, Anarky, Mister Toad, and more.

Check out this short teaser to get a feel for the CGI action that will be coming our way soon…

Short but sweet.  That said, personally I’m pretty leery about how this show is starting to turn out.  Replacing the ever faithful Boy Wonder with the much lesser known (and even lesser liked) Katana is an odd choice.  The promo art below also has humble Alfred blasting away with a couple pistols, something Batman would probably really look down upon.  In addition to the new cast of villains, this show doesn’t seem to be very friendly to new watchers who only know Batman through the movies and previous versions of the cartoon.

That’s not to say there aren’t encouraging signs.  Sam Register (producer of many of the direct to video DC Animated movies) is attached to produce Beware the Batman along with Batman Beyond producer Glen Murakami. Both are skilled, and their presence is reassuring. The character designs are neat, and evoke influences from the later seasons of Batman: The Animated Series.

The Warner Bros. CGI animation is a solid format that’s shaken off the stigma of previous CG animated shows has left behind, as shown by Green Lantern.  Once we’re given more on the show I’m sure we’ll find ourselves anxious for the first episode.

What do you think of the teaser for Beware the Batman and the slightly different direction is seems to be going?  Tell us below in the comment section!